The Usual

It seems like a usual ritual every now and then after my run in the evening.  Resting more than expected before I head for my bathing session and also my dinner.  Guess what I'm doing right now?  Ya... bz with my FB games.  Is either Cafe World, The Sims Social or Restaurant City.  Nothing else.  Or k-po about updates from my frens.  Haiz... Definitely need a good rest.  N guess what again?  I just knew that I will put on weight again... Wahahhahaha... My precious weight is always fluctuating between 53-56kg... Well... Still gt a month plus to go before I know how much I really lost.  But nevertheless, I'm not bothered by that alot... Feeling healthy is more important.  Lotsa beauty sleep...  Emotionally happy.  That's fulfilling.  Just have to stop now.  Bath, makan, hv a 20 mins mask session while waiting for his call.  N end my day at 11pm for a good night sleep.  Kaoz... I have to work tml... Damn boring... I will be wasting away half a day doing nothing bt FB-ing... Mayb shd do up the rest of my photos that I have took in Hainan Island and blog!  Is my new blog now... As for my old blog, I am going to archive it... *Bleah*