Food Review | Mee Soto at Banquet

Despite having flu and cough, I had mee soto for lunch today.  Bought it at Banquet.  Since I'm working there, I bot that Banquet card to enjoy discounts.  Hahahhaha... Raining heavily during lunch. I was q-ing up for my food.  Then I realise spending $3.80 for mee soto is quite worth.  They add the potato ball thingy to it.  I love that a lot.  I don't know how to spell that potato thingy so I call it potato ball.
Nice ba? Not a bad taste. Enuff to fill your stomach.  Those working around Raffles Place can go try it.  It is at Clifford Centre, Banquet.  The stall selling Malay food.  They have mee siam, nasi lemak lontong etc.