OL's life @ Brotzeit

Yup... After a day of hard work, it is relaxation time for us.  Met up with the ladies from Dearie Club for an unofficial gathering, especially those thirsty for a drink. Well... Gd for them. *Bleah*

The photo tells it all. We are at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Raffles City.  Woohoo... Well I'm first timer there.  Because I seldom drink or enjoy OL's life.  What to do? No $$$$ so how to enjoy?
Cheers... Yup! While waiting for our late comer as usual.  This drink lasted us for an hour plus. Wahahaha... From chilled to non chilled.  Drink slowly okay?  Who ask u to drink like nobody's biz?
Alert!!! Hazardous.  These 2 ladies are hazards to the environment.  Because they are hot mama... Wahahahah....  Guess who is the one with a very good life, taking cab everyday and enjoy ATAS life???
Look at them drinking.  Soooooo thirsty for a good drink.  And please!  I never say I'm thirsty.  I'm just a follower ok?  Cos they are paying for my drink and food but $8 nia. Wahahahahahh... Thank u all my ladies....
Menu.  I actually wanted to have salad but because is not paid fully by me, so I go with the majority.  Anyway, I'm not that choosy.  See... I'm so good.  Though I eat like a glutton. Wahahahah....
Our food is here....  I heard is for 2 pax but look at that!  4 of us can share man.  Sausages and wedges... Yummy cum fattening. I think I had alot of wedges.  I love WEDGES! This portion is enough for 4.  Dun b stupid by ordering 1 more for just 2 pax.  U will stuff to death with the beer. *Bleah*
Cool!  Is food, drink, ladies and gossips.  Wahahahah... Enjoying the night with the ladies. Chit chatting the hot topic in our club, KIDS!  Well.. I can't say or comment much cos I'm single but not available and with no kids. Wahahaha... I don't want triplets. Maybe 2 will b fine or don't have is e BEST!  Cos I wanna pamper myself more.  I have not pamper myself enough to commit with kids... Wahahahahha....
Cool!  I like the deco.  Bottles all over... Thumbs up! I wonder how they manage to do it this way.  Simple and nice.
Well... I'm not sure of that creature but it looks weird to me.  Looks like a rat, horse, DOG?  What is it?  Tell me please...
Gifts from Europe.  Nice... All thanks to our lady, Anna.  So shiok of her.  Travelling so far for 2 weeks, visiting places that we long for.  Well I know I will go one fine day and that's for sure.  If only my guy can tolerate that long haul flight... 
Nice ar?  She said that in this way, cover up already so sure nice! Wahahaha... Anyway, she is indeed prettier than I do. But older than me.  Hahahaha we are old ladies. Wahahahah...  To be fair ma... Yeah!

My job is to take shots during gatherings.  And I am always being criticised because of my lousy shooting.  U know why?  Cos I have been taking candid shots.. Their unglam moments.  But I do have glam ones ok?  I will always do both out of it!

We have come to an end for the night's session.  Guess what time is it?  Is not yet 9pm okay? Everyone of us are so eager to get home.  Them, looking forward to see their kids and mi, look forward to my 10pm show on Channel U and also my bed.  I just can't wait to have my beauty sleep.  Sleep before 11pm has always been a prblm.  Cos sure stretch till 11+ or 12.  But I have made every effort to slp at 11pm.  I will!  And that's all...  Look forward to our next official and last gathering for Year 2011 in Dec 14.

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