I'm back

Yup... Back from holiday. A boring one, I shd say. But nevertheless, better than nothing though did not have much fun than any other places I went.

My first Saturday back from holiday. Hit da GYM! Had a good hour of exercise. Feels good.  Den decided to grab a nice and healthy breakfast. Well... How u think?
Hee... 100Plus for my sodium replenishing and the rest is my breakfast. Hmm... Like one.. Unlike those weekends with unhealthy but yummy breakfast bought by Mum, indeed mine is better and healthier.  My range of breakfast for weekends are: nasi lemak, carrot cake, roti prata, kuay chup, porridge, beehoon etc... Alot right? Different choices each week. Hahahahah... But I love it. Satisfy my craving. And also on Sundays at his house, is also the same. The above mentioned varieties. Yummy!!!!

Den a sinful lunch. Shared a pack of chicken rice with my mum... Bt it is so yummy... Long time since I had chicken rice. Damn it!

Oh well... Life is good... when it comes to food. Wahahahahah....