What a Saturday!

Since 8.30am, I have been staring at the computer, watching Youtube, FB-ing.  Damn it! Is a boring Saturday to begin with.  Ya... I am at work.  Going off at 1pm.  Fish!  Luckily, my fren is on MSN.  If not, I think I will be munching away with the snacks in office.  Well... What to do?  Anyway, I jus down with 2 small packs of Twisties. *Bleah*  1 small banana... *Bleah* 
And 1 Barcook bread!!!! *Bleah*  Cos is Sat, so no q at all.  Usually, I saw lotsa ppl q-ing up for the bread. So-so.  Nt really fantastic.  I had their Raisin cream cheese bread.  Too cheesy.  I dun really like cheesy stuff bt sometimes hv to get use to it cos it appears in Mcdonald's fishy burger. This bread is their signature bread.  Erm... Actually I totally forgot about it having cheese in it cos the last time I had was months ago in March.  Cos of the raisin, I bought it. Haiz... Maybe u guys can check it out again thru their webby at http://barcookbakery.com/home

Before I came, I down with 1 low fat yoghurt and 4 wedges of papaya.  I think I'm going to visit the toilet real soon again.  Anyway that's not the point.  Today I will start my afternoon more meaningful than morning.  I am going to head for gym straight after work.  If weather permits, I shall go for a dip after a short rest from my gym session.  Den go home, bathe, makan and rest.  Last night nv do mask.  TODAY I must!  Wait for him to finish class at 5pm and fetch mi!  We are going to do his first assignment.  He must pass this module.  I don't care!  I set a high expectation on his studies!  Only I can help him in his studies but he can't help mi at all in my studies.  What to do?  We both are from different fields.  Mi more to business and he more to FM/bldg maintenance.  He knows nuts about my field of work but I know that bits of his field. Not fair right?  What to do?  Sigh...

Now is 12 noon.  1 hour to go and I can get out from here.  No Monday blues but Tuesday blues.  Cos is holiday on Monday!