Food Review | Gurney Drive

I went for a date with my guy at Suntec one day and we can't decide what to have for dinner.  As we walked along the restaurants at Fountain Terrace, we found Gurney Drive and decided to try.

First on the pic, our drinks.  I had Ampla Juice and my guy had Calamansi drink, both are popular drinks in their restaurant.  They are said to be high in Vitamin C, which is a must have in my life because of my sinus problem. Taste a bit sweet.  Maybe you can asked for ice water so that you can make use of it to dilute a bit of the sweet taste.

This is Penang Lok Bak. Thumbs up! Hot and crispy.  I mean you should have it when it's hot! Wu xiang and tau pok. Yummy! A must try side dish.  But the portion is very small. Is never enough for us. 

I can't remember what is this but is definitely the prawn mee.  Don't know is it the signature dish.  But my guy never comment much. That means is nice!!!!!!!  I shall have it next round if we are at Suntec.

This is Penang Fried Kway Teow. To me, is just a normal plate of fried kway teow.  Should try the prawn mee instead.  Hmm.. Browse thru the menu.  I think I will try Fried glass noodles. Wonder what is it like. 

A simple, cosy and nice interior of the restaurant.  Lots of pictures on their wall.  Like back to the old days... I will come back again.  Do check out their website at