I'm yet again...

I finally receive my membership card and vouchers today... Thank God!  Can start stocking up more of Eu Yan Sang products.
Have consumed Gold Label Bak Foong Pill few years back after Mummy's advice.  Then my guy also started taking their products like Heat Expulsion Granules, Ning Shen Pills etc.  Whatever.  It did good to us so just continue with it.  I guess with the vouchers, I can buy my pills.  Finish already!  Hmm...

I paid a small sum to join their member.  At first, I feel silly but if this is one of the ways to good health, I don't mind. Apart from my usual exercising regime, diet and personal self being play a part...

Time flies... Less than 2 months, is 2012.  Is yet again, a time to spare on New Year resolution.  Well... Will do it real soon... Meanwhile I bought a planner for 2012-2013. Hahah.. Just nice. If I'm accepted by SIM RMIT, this is of some good use for 2 years, which is the duration of my course.
I used to buy one every year during my poly days. So it seems like a tradition for me, personally.  My colleague said nowadays human use iPhone instead of pocket planner.  I was thinking then if that is the case, for what companies come out with all these.  That's yet another social problem.  Everything from iPhone.  24-7.  Days pass and human will forget how things started out initially.  Anyway, I am someone who likes to indulge in reminiscence.  Like I have MP3 player.  If I get myself a iPhone, what will be the fate of this MP3 player?  It has been with me for coming 2 years.  Haiz... So I shall continue using it.  I am a weirdo too.  I like to have my own way.  So even if others tease me, I don't give a damn.  Cos there is stubborness in me. Wahahahhaha... Good Night World.  Is Friday in 34 mins time.

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