Food Review | Tom Yum Kungfu

Apparently, I have shared the photos in FB but anyway, I just want to do a review of this wonderful little shop.

Tom Yum Kungfu is the name.  Well... I don't see anything related to kungfu in the shop.  But a simple Thai deco in this little shop.

I wonder if that Ah Beng is the boss... Anyway it doesn't matter.  Cos he is capable of setting up a shop.  Maybe there is shareholders too. 

Because I went there with 3 other colleagues, wondering around Boat Quay and then fate just brought us to this shop.  Never know the food is just that good.
We decided on having steamboat.  Ordered a $38 with the above just nice portion of food for 4 of us.  Food is nice.  U can choose between bbq and soup based.  All in one, I shd say.  But as for the meat, it can be better if cut thinner.  This is the feedback from my colleague. Wahahahah...

That's before and after. Hahahah... The smell is damn good.  Before we step in, we can smell it from outside. Yummy!

This chicken wing is nice.  Not so oily.  Recommend to all.  No regrets for this simple side dish.

Recommended by the shop owner.  I mean I see him sitting at the counter for that 3 hours.  Back to this.  Fried kang kong.  Don't be deceived by its look.  Hidden treasure beneath the kang kong.  We found prawns and fish fillet in Thai sauce, I think so.  I mean for the sauce.  Taste sweet.  Overall verdict, NICE!

We never had any of their specialty drinks but just hot green tea.  Diet okay?  At least after 3 hours, I don't feel so damn full.  Just nice.

I read up about this shop from forum too.  Lotsa thumbs up about their food.  So maybe next round, I bring my guy for dinner and also organise the gathering for Dearie group.

Eh... Actually this pic should be above all.  Cos we are just about to start.  Hahahahah... Anyway that's all for that night.