Tea Time at TWG

Christmas is round the corner.  Orchard is filled with Christmas mood everywhere.
Finally I am having an afternoon tea with my fren at TWG Ion Orchard on a Saturday afternoon.  
Woohoo... Love it so much!  Waited for about 15-20mins before we get a seat. Ordered 2 tea time sets, Sublime and Majesty.
I was so into the teapot while q-ing outside.  Nice right?  They sell teapots and accessories... Wow... So fascinating!  I ordered black tea.  Was recommended with Nuwara Eliya OP, a light one.  I don't really know how to appreciate tea but I do know what I like.  Just tat bits of sugar to my tea, it is just so perfect!  Without adding, it tastes so natural too... I love black tea. 
She is having a good taste of the tea for don't know x-time.  Orange tea, am I right?  Nice pose from her too.... Thumbs up!
Oh man... Look at that!  I simply love the display of that bottles of .... tea?  Or I should say is tin of tea?  Look at that BIG 'Creme Caramel' tea... Can I bring one home?  Ohhhh......
That is mine!!!!  Sublime set.  2 tiers but is just nice.  I realized that there is a slight difference in the tea time menu which is from 3pm - 6pm.  I did my research before coming.  Actually at Ion Orchard, there is 2 TWG.  1 at Level 2, which is larger shop and the other at Level 1, where I had my tea at.  Nevertheless, so long as it is nice, I'm okay... 
And that's both Sublime and Majesty set.  Difference of them is that Majesty set has 3 tiers, top tier is chocolate.  Got to taste the cheesecake of which my fren choose. Taste nice.  For mine, it is so berry.... Woohoo... Raspberry!  
If you have realised, there is few layers in the cake.  So sweet.  Mama Mia...  And there is a total of 3 one sided macarons though you may see just 2.  Added to the sweetness... Gosh!
Finally is finishing this!  Petite but just right the size for tea.  Guess what?  One of them had foie gras in it.  The other is salmon... Best!
I just can't forget the taste.  So I bought a pack of teabags home.... Cost me $23 for 15 teabags. Wow!
I like their simple yet elegant packaging.  Hmm... I will go back to TWG Tea Company... For tea of course.  And also try other places for a nice afternoon tea.  *Muackz*