Food Review | 臭豆腐 Stinking Toufu from Pasar Malam

Well... Because we miss the taste, decided to try it since there is pasar malam aka night market at Woodlands, opposite Admiralty MRT.
I simply love the box because it is so Taiwanese.  Simply must have a shot of it.  But the main cast is inside this cute lil box.
Upon ordering, already no stinko smell.  A bit disappointed. Especially him.  When we got home, we tuck in.  I taste it as sour, vinegary, not crispy, no crunchy sound from my mouth.  Verdict: It is just the normal taste of fried toufu.  Very disappointing.

Ya... We can't expect much from pasar malam standard.  Still, the best stinking toufu comes from Hong Kong and Taiwan.  At least for the moment because we been there before.  Looking forward to the next trip.  TBA.