I simply have no mood to work.  Because I'm in dilemma.  To wait or not to wait?  It is just making my life miserable.  Well... I shall not think about it for now, this moment... Let mi crap thru out this post.
This phone is DEFINITELY not mine.  But is my guy's.  His mobile contract is just 13 months old and he is so desperate to get this phone.  Reason?  Because he needs to have those notes from his classmates and everyone in his class is using iPhone and only he, the odd one out.  Well... What can I say?  I knew he can't resist the temptation of iPhone.  Cos everyone, everywhere is using it.  For me, I still can wait.  Not tat eager to have one cos I can play using his.  End up I downloaded lotsa apps that I want and it fills like 1 page. Hahaha... He told me to buy the same too so that in future if have any doubt abt the phone or don't know how to use, can ask each other.  I think I know better than him cos he is so greenhorn towards new phone. Too boastful of me but it is true.  What to do, right?  I still love my Nokia E72, though is not as good as iPhone, not much functions like iPhone. Comfortable with it, though it does sometime hang on me... Shit!  He even wanted to buy for me tat iPhone 4S for Christmas gift but I don't want!  He knows what I want but v reluctant indeed.  Hahahah... Not gonna mention what it is!  Is between us.

Saw the bears at Takashimaya SC and it is stacked up like a Christmas tree.  May I know what is this for?  I'm not really that sure but just snap a quick pic of it cos it looks nice and cute.  Is it some free gifts or charity thingy?  Nevertheless, it has been so long since the last time I step in Takashimaya.  Wow... After like about years I think.  The most I will be at Wisma.  Not further down.  It was just last Sat when I went there with my fren and her kid.  Walking around.  I do seems like a tourist cos I am fascinated of the surrounding.  Quite a bits of changes here and there... Went in to Coach, Longchamp, Burberry etc to take a look...  Since Apr this year where I bought my Longchamp bags in Taiwan, I didn't check on the prices in Singapore.  And that day I was there, I confirm that I bot it much cheaper in Taiwan.  So I will definitely buy Longchamp bags if I am in Taiwan, provided they have designs that I fancy.  As for Agnes B, I definitely 100% bot cheaper in Tokyo.  Wahahah.. I am so so glad.  Hmm... Though buying in SG is pricey, but I think for the next 2 years, not going for holidays cos I will be studying my degree course.  Sigh!!! So buying in SG will be the choice, if only I have saved up enough for 1 to pamper myself.

Yes!  I got my acceptance letter yesterday from SIM!  And I am gonna start my journey next year Jan 2012.  So excited about it.  Because is yet another stage for me in my self upgrading.  Is an upgrade of my status too.  2 years later, I will no longer b just a Diploma holder but a Degree holder.  Woohoo.... Had all these planning with the support of my guy and my familiy.  2 years later, my house should b ready and us, should be ready to sign that paper for life. Wahahaha... Hopefully whatever I plan will come in place smoothly.  Wish me luck!