Test of Endurance

Well... Is July soon in a wk's time. N is also a mth which my endurance and stamina will b tested.

I participating in two runs: Great Eastern Women 10k and Shape Run.

I have been quite regular to Shape Run since they start this women's run and also a loyal reader every mth since their debut issue. Cool rite?

I will not go for 10km run bt both events for 5km. Slowly, will join bk 10km. I used to join 10km run. Bt I tink I shd start frm shorter length of run first n slowly build up my stamina. I tink without my guy, I wil nt hv such great determination to push myself further cos I'm a definite lazy woman. Both mi n him tested our endurance every Sunday to accomplish 5km.  Bt sometimes due to laziness (especially myself), we completed 3-4km. Bt sometimes 5km. Rare. I consider this as an achievement for mi and him. This June has proved how I wan my life to change after I rch 30. I swim, jog n gym. Love it.

I heard lotsa saying that if u run alot, u wil get bulkier thighs. Actually I dun believe in that bcos my dad is an example. He used to b fleshy but after he went joggin almost everyday after work, he slim dw alot. Mayb it depends on individual. Bt I do believe tat it wil get bulkier at first then slowly tone up. My guy said that too. Tat means I hv to giv myself 3 more mths to train up, if I wan a nice pair of legs.

Read magazines and they were sayin tat sexy legs and arms do helps in attractin guys' attention. I dun wish to draw attention frm others bt only my guy. Hahahah... Sometimes, I do believe in that. Cos when I look into e mirror, wat brings out our sexiness is e arms. Our arms play a part in tat. Guys r visual animals. Apart frm yr look, is further dw yr body. Well... I am workin hard on tat. Cos I areadi feel tat my guy loves mi even more when I m nt a lazy woman of his. Cos he do admire my 'hardworking' attitude when it comes to exercise and sports. Hahahahah... Cos he himself likes joggin. N used to play tennis, golf, gym last time. Nw stop le la. Jus joggin, exercisin at hm or boxing.

I feel like learning tennis again... Together wit him. C how ba.

PS: I just clock in another 3km non stop run on my own today, 20 June 2011.