My Best Lunch Deal

Today is a lucky day for miii. My lunch costs miii $3.20 but.... come to think of it, is shiok.

Beehoon + 5 side dishes.  My beehoon is pathetic bits but is way enuff for mi. Da 5 side dishes as u can see above. Wow... Beans, veggie, meat, potato n e other one I'm nt reali sure wat is it bt tastes nt bad. Vegetarian food. I don't know until I tuck in.

Actually I just wanted 1 dish + beehoon bt the lady told miii they dun sell it this way. Well... I just anyhow choose. More veggie beta la... I wan to slim dw and b healthy too. K la. Once awhile. Bt tml onwards must $2 below makan. Hahahahah... Save n save! Bloody hell... Bankrupt due to BABY'S PARTIES! 3 in 1 mth. Kaoz...

This stall is at Clifford Centre, outside Guardian store.  Rem! Whether u ask for rice + 1 dish or not, u still pay $3.20. So best is, take up 1 rice/beehoon + 5 dishes at $3.20!!!!