Smart Saver

Frankly speaking, I'm not really a smart one but can b one soon.

A smart saver doesn't have to b like mi, saving so aggressively like e below symptons:
  1. Grumble over a loss of $1.30 just bcos tat Aunt selling beehoon mee add in a chicken wing cos she assume I want. Not sure if she gt hearing prblm.
  2. Restrict myself from buyin breakfast outside bt havin bread or half pack of instant noodles at hm as breakfast
  3. Grabbin every chance to get free meals
  4. Rather hv cup noodles than proper meal cos is cheap. 2 cups for $1.15 (I tink so, cant rem)
  5. Hv my dinner at hm wheneva I can.
  6. Will not join frens for dinner bt hv it at home den chill out wit frens on drinks oni.
For a smart saver, I tink they wont b like me.

So I tink after getting my next pay cheque, I tink I hv to revamp my saving plans.
  1. Spend nt more than $3 per day on working days
  2. Choose healthy food, less salt and sugar
  3. Go swim on wkdays and gym on wkends
  4. Twice a mth on cup noodles lunch (hair drop tremendously)
  5. No outside drinks bt hot green tea in office (applicable durin workin hrs)

    Good enough? Well... for mi to find out.