Juicy and Hot July

Well... Why do I call it Juicy? Cos there are 3 bb parties to go and my Dearies Club members will b there. So actually, our club members will mit up for 3 times in a mth. So catching up and juicy news from members is unavoidable. Bt please... dun b in bb parties anymore. Damn boring abt it. Normal gathering outside will b good.

Why do I call it Hot? Cos is yet another month as usual. Hot weather of cos. N oso a HOT miii.. Why? Bcos I am continuin wit my exercise regime: jog-gym-swim. A hot body (perspiring after exercise) and a hot body again (tone and slim body).  Hope I can achieve that. I give myself till end of year. C hw much I can reduce. My ideal is 50kg. Plus my proper diet. NO MORE nonsense. NO MORE junkies. Low salt low sugar less fried food.

My company sent miii for a 2 days course in July. Risk Management. Well... I m in this field. Can't avoid takin all tis courses though I'm jus Admin Exec. Hopefully I can progress in this field.

Ya... And my 2 runs too. Great Eastern Women 10K and Shape Run. Lookin forward to it...