His Consultation

Well... I really have to do so for our future. Not tat he is sick in e mind or what. Bt for his own good too. Insomnia for many years. Getting worse each day. Read alot about insomnia. It can lead to high blood pressure or diabetes too.  The worst case is you must have at least 4 hours of sleep and not below that. He is not having proper sleep and enuff hours of sleep. His sleep debts is way too much to compensate. I experienced myself wit him turnin side to side at nite cos he jus couldn't get to sleep. Tried lotsa ways like taking Chinese medicine, aroma therapy etc. No use. Finali after so long, he had at least a proper sleep last nite. Cos ytd I accompany him to c a doctor at Sayang Wellness Clinic. A clinic under IMH, which not only specialised in sleeping disorder, bt also in eating disorder, emotional behavioural, sexual dsynfuction etc. Hahahah... Bt he went for sleeping disorder consultation. I think I'm way patience in waiting. Hahahah. Went for blood test. If his insomnia is not bcos of stress, mayb is health prblm. *Touchwood* Gotta wait for his report on 5 July. I will go with him, by hook or by crook. I want him to b in pink of health.