Is a BABY month

Right! This is crazy! 3 babies's party in a month! Mad! I m always attending all these thingy. Den when is my turn where other's attend mine? Basically, is al abt kids. So I m nt goin to buy expensive stuff. Cos once they grow up, it wil b put aside. Well... I m so terrified sia when I saw another FB event which is another 1 yr old party. Sian... Damn boring... No more liao if 2 yrs old. Straight reject. I seriously dun like attendin sia. Waste my money. Though is some sort like a gathering for all the Dearies, bt damn sian... Dun care ar. I work within my budget. Nt necessary ones, I just go about digging those new soft toys of mine and give! F***! Nw my plan is this:
  1. Baby shower: Alrite. That one can go about spending more.
  2. 1st birthday: $50 below budget.
  3. 2nd birthday: Pick from my new soft toys or dun go!
  4. 3rd birthday onwards: NO MORE!
Not that I am very stingy, but I have to tink for myself. Hmphf!