Kellongs Special K

‘Kellogg’s Special K’ is a first step at breakfast to feel special

Kellogg’s Special K is a tasty, crunchy breakfast made from rice and wheat with a crisp malty taste and less than 2% fat. It is a source of protein & provides vitamins needed by women including Folate and other B vitamins.
Kellogg’s Special K Original 45g X 6packs priced at SGD4.90; 360g pack priced at SGD7.20 & variants priced at SGD8.20

Take up the Kellogg’s Special K 2 Weeks Challenge to kickstart a healthier lifestyle!

The Kellogg’s Special K 2 Weeks Challenge is a simple and scientifically proven challenge, which can help kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

It's simple. Just replace 2 meals a day with Kellogg’s Special K.

For 2 meals a day (Breakfast and either lunch or dinner) for 2 weeks have:
  • 45grams (1 cup) of Kellogg’s Special K with one cup of skim milk and one portion of fruit.

  • Enjoy your third meal as you normally do, but try to balance it with a low fat diet and lots of vegetables. And watch those portion sizes!

    • If you still feel hungry, take another 3 to 5 portions of vegetables and fruits a day besides the ones you eat during your breakfast and dinner.

      • Try and get about 30 minutes of exercise daily - try brisk walking or cycling.

      • In just 2 weeks, see if you feel the healthy difference!

        Kellogg’s Special K provides 5.8g of protein and 165 calories per serving. This cereal has less than 2% fat, contains 8 essential vitamins and minerals and can help women to take their first step into a healthier lifestyle.

        Fitness Tips to help you to be ready for the run:
        1. Buddy upWorking out with a friend is a great way to stick with a fitness routine. Meet each other for a run in the morning or take an aerobics class after work. Just make sure you partner up with a pal you can count on to push you and help you reach your goals.

        2. Change your scenery.Workouts getting a little boring? Trade the treadmill for some new terrain and explore a great path in your neighborhood. Tired of running? Go for a long hike or a swim. A new environment can breathe some fresh air into your routine.

        3. Make prime time your prime time.Instead of taking a seat on the sofa, find a spot on the floor and concentrate on strength training during the half-hour episode. Side crunches and leg lifts will help tone your core without blocking your view of the tube. At a commercial, take your heart rate up a notch with sets of jumping jacks, lunges and push-ups. You'll stay caught up on your favorite shows and your fitness routine.

        4. Move it.Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. Missed your workout? Get in at least 10 minutes. Pop in a DVD and get in a quickie, turn up your favorite tunes and dance around, re-create something from your favorite exercise class, climb the stairs or take a quick trip around the block.

        5. Optimize your playlist.Music has an amazing power to pump us up and get us going. Rather than relying on shuffle to get you through a workout, organize your songs carefully. Put your favorite songs at the beginning, middle and toward the end of the time you'll be working out to motivate you. Change it up every week by adding new songs or switching Mp3 players with a friend.