Since I left

It has been 3 mths plus since I left my previous company. Heard many things from my guy. Hahah... Thank God I left. I am so glad. Cos I can't stand the fact that this division is expanding in a way too fast which not mani ppl can adapt.

My guy is left to do lotsa thingy. Cos I'm nt there to help anymore. He has to get used of not having mi ard. This is e only way he learnt from his work. Bt responsibility and work load increased yet no increase in remuneration. So do you think is fair? He has sacrificed quality time with mi to work. Though overtime pay compensates all, bt do u tink is good enuff? I don't think so. Even though money is impt to both of us bcos of our future, bt stil quality time is impt. 

Money + Quality time must b balanced.

Insomnia is the reward that he gets for his hard work. Is this what he want? Definite NO!

Spend lotsa time searchin for remedy for his serious insomnia prblm bt stil nth helps. I think if he leaves this company, his prblm shd b solved. Bt if he goes to another company, I think is yet another nightmare for him.

Well... I am stil in search of solutions. If nt, he will b 'attack' by lotsa diseases like high blood etc.