Money Saver

I declare myself as a money saver. I scrimp and save for our Korea trip next year, which estimate about $4k for 2 pax. Well I noe is not going to b just me scrimping and saving, he has to do his part on that. I hv already promise no more trips frm nw till end of 2011. I mus have some form of determination.

I think my frens also can't stand hw I save. I can reali find e cheapest food for lunch or buy frm e food centre at my place. Hahahah... Or FOC for e whole day cos get treats frm anyone I know or bring frm home. Well I did tat to save more nt jus for Korea, bt for our future. Bt first to come is e trip. So strive hard for tat. He is doin his part too. Savin here n there bt wont save on mi. Hahaha... Tats wat I love abt him. Bt for mi, I wil b e same like him, on some occasions onli. It depends. Hahahah. Cos I m damn stingy.

I wan to retire at the age of 55. So tat I can rest and relax. Travel ard the world. So mus work hard on tat. Cos our govt will not so easily release our CPF to us nw. By the time I rch 55, guess things will b even bad. So is best tat I save more hard cash.

Well... Continue wat I determine to do so long as I am happy.