My 1st Consultation at Musee Crystal Tokyo

Is a rainy Saturday. My appointment is at 1.30pm. And I'm late. Rushing by train, finally reach Musee Plaza Singapura outlet. Straight away, they bring me to the room for filling up the form.

At first I was thinking why is there a need for an hour consultation. But after I went, I understand why. They let u have time for form filling. Then the consultant will come in, explaining to me the process of my treatment, dos and don'ts and most importantly there is no pushy sales which I really like. 

After that the consultant let me go thru the terms and conditions before signing the contract for this hair removal treatment. I am going to have 6 sessions but actually is unlimited so long as I'm still not satisfied with the results, I can still go back for treatment. What's more, I got a free 1 time upper lip treatment. Because is GSS promotion! I am so happy about. After paying at the counter, went back to the room to wait for a copy of the contract and receipt, and is done! Got a free gift from Musee too. I really look forward to my 1st treatment on 1st July. Woohoo... No more hairy me!

Happy Saturday. Since I am at PS and still got an hour before I get to meet my guy, went Cotton On to take a look if there is any good deal. Bot the above top and skirt. Real good deal to me. 

Top $10 + Skirt $7.50 = $17.50 

Not bad right? Want to motivate myself further on slimming down. My weight is always fluctuating between 55-56 or even 57. So scary. I don't want that to happen. Now I think is my eating habit. I must change. Support me k? Cos I can do it!