Culinary | American Breakfast

Well I seldom cook. So I must learn from nw. Grab e stomach of my guy so tat he wont go strayin ard outside.. Wahhahahhahah... It doesnt look fantastic bt is my effort to let him hv sometin tat I cook. Hv to improve further on my sunny sideup. E skill is nt there... I wan it turn out nice in shape. Hotdogs to b cooked nt too long. Lucky it didn't go 'chao tar'. Toast is nt brown enuff bt still e hardness is there to taste like a toast. Wahhahahahah.... Bt overall he said is good. Simple breakfast. No nit lotsa hassle. I feel gd too...

I think e last time he had my cooked food was years back. Fried rice. Cos I went CC to learn cookin. So I try out e fried rice at his hse. Turns out gd. Wahahahah... Den after tat no more.. Ya I rem! Lunch. Few times. B4 I left my previous company, I prepare lunch in e mornin for him at my hse, bring to work and wait for him to come n look for mi. Den I will heat up at e pantry b4 givin it to him. Simple ones like rice, baked beans, luncheon meat or hotdogs. Hahahah... Sometimes e hotdogs or luncheon meat 'chao tar' tat bits. Oops.. Bt is my effort.

Well... I'm thinkin wat other kinds of breakfast which is simple n hassle free to prepare. Hmm.. den he can always eat wat I cook. Gotta put on my thinking cap nw!