What I want to do....

  1. Fix my figure n weight
  2. Hv my seafood feast wit my fave: Stingray, sambal sotong & salad you tiao
  3. Get a mp3 cos I sick of playin my mobile games durin e journey to work
  4. Hv lots of delicious sotong balls... I lov it!
  5. Get a new mobile phone cos my current one has started givin prblm
  6. Rest for a week at hm witout doin anythin bt slp n enjoy my jazz music
  7. Mit up my sistas for dinner gatherin
  8. Club at Double O n Zouk soon enuff
  9. Clean up my room cos it has been tat messy for years...
  10. Go for holidays as much as possible
  11. Get my own desktop for my room cos I dun like to share wit my bro n dad
  12. Get a new sofa for my room cos I wan to slp on it when I haven bathe
  13. Save up more money to feel rich
  14. Stop usin my credit card cos I lost track of hw much I owe Citibank

And the list goes on.... Shall do it one by one....