2nd year anniversary in a SUCKY CoMpany

A day to rem... 2 years ago.. at Robina House 2nd level.. I started my new career in tis company... in Engineering Division.. Thot e company is big so beta prospect.. Bt e Management sucks... Even til nw. Everyone is complainin.. There is apple polisher everywhere in tis company... Sucks... Suck it up man!!! Gossipers everywhere... Backstabbers everywhere... Tai ji ppl everywhere.. Sucks... I jus cant imagine I m here for 2 yrs... Nt for e sake of my workin track record, I definitely wont stay... Nw I areadi feelin reluctant to stay on bt cos of my studies, I hv to endure... Back to topic... HC ppl act as if they gt gd backin... Who is e gd backin? E biggest person in e company lor... I dun giv a damn whether he or she is who's asst la.. tis n tat... Rem: DUN ACT CLASS IN FRONT OF MI COS IT SUCKS! I know who r my buddies in e company so e rest nt in my list... Pai seh to say tat I dun giv a damn to who u r.... Haha... Shiok... Vent out my 2 yrs frustration, grievances... Sometimes, is reali true tat u study so much bt nt skilled oso jus a uselss bum... Earnin big bucks bt yet duno hw to do n onli noe hw to say... I oso knoe hw to say.. Pengz... Hmm... frm tis kind of situation, we learn tat DUN ACT SMART. Al of us work for ppl. Unless u venture out a career which u r e one instructin ppl n nt ppl instructin u... Every single person in e company is e same... Even e head of the company... Unless we r nt subsidiary of another company, if nt even a CEO has to follow instruction frm e parent company... Also dun push ppl to e extreme... There is a limit to one's capabilities... Dun force n dun push!!!! Unless u r on e bed la... Kaoz... Tats al!!!! Sucks... Hv to endure til duno when... I wil make another gd n adventurous year ahead... Make life miserable for others.. I wil!