Wat a lousy day!

Lau sai... Reali lei.. early mornin I lau sai... Duno wat happen.. N gt tat stupid toilet user stay inside e toilet for so long... Arrghh. Pls c my previous post b4 tis... Kill mi.. I jus came bk frm lau sai.. 2nd time... Nw e feelin is no gd... Tremblin.. Cold.. Arrgh... Fine.. Hopefully later can b ok... Dun giv mi a heart attack when I'm in e train.. I sure faint.. Next, I duno wat has becomin of mi... So sad.. I feel tat I m always bein misunderstood. Did I nv make myself clear enuff or m I jus too naive???? Reali v sad... If yr loved ones misunderstood u, it can b worse.. So I learn a lesson nw. Learn hw to communicate well so tat ppl wont misunderstand u... I m so sleepy nw... Help miii...


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