Happy Birthday to MYSELF!!!

Thanks for al e wishes I received today. Most r al my buds n besties... Haha.. Lov ya all... Today I m officially 27... Arrghh.. Fine.. Bt I like odd numbers so 27 is perfectly fine for mii... Once in a lifetime, u wil c yr age havin e same number as yr birth date... Mine is jus nice... This yr I'm 27. N I m borned on April 27... N today I watch a old movie, 27 dresses... Thanks hor.. Tats y I like no. 27... Haha... Anyway, gotta b more sensible nw.. left 3 more years b4 I hit 30... Shit!!!! Time flies.. Gonna make fullest use of my 3 years to do somethin sensible... Reali sensible.. There is stil a long way for mii man... Good luck to myself... Bt my biggest wish is to complete my diploma course successfully since I hv been tru 4 years of torture wit some asshole in our class.. Haiz.. Nvm.. COunt dw to end of Feb 2009... I m reali waitin for tat day.... 10 mths... Good Luck Stella!