Haha... Today is a wonderful day... U knoe y? My boss on leave. My executive on mc. My AVP boh chap wat I do. My purchaser no care. My another executive nv come in office. Jus cal mi frm outside in the mornin to do somethin... Tats al. So, own time own target. I open my service order while watchin youtube. So enjoy... I keyin my service order while watchin youtube... Shiok ar... Bt borin la.. Nobody to bully. Sian.. Lots of things dun feel like doin.. I nv even take note of it.. Wait until they come to mi den say ba... Haha... As long I do my work as usual.. Yeah... Lov it when is like tat... I tink last Fri beta... Cos everyone in my Division is on leave. My executive onli come in awhile n go out, nv come bk liao... My AVP go for meetin in e mornin onli n on leave in e afternoon. I on leave. My purchaser on leave. Another executive dun wan to come in cos he scare kana chase by Finance n I nt ard too... So no quotation!!! Yeah... Today no QUOTATIONS to do!!!!!! Lov it...


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