Exhausted again.

Wat r e ways tat we can learn from experience? In work wise. Recently, my division has some kind of prblm. Manpower prblm. Technicians resignin. Even supervisors too. I fill up one hole but yet another hole at e other side. Wat m I suppose to do? My boss said is a gd chance for mi to learn. I was tinkin, wat can I learn frm this? Can anyone tel mi? Is seems like e economy is improvin. Ppl r changin jobs. Is it e season nw? Hmm... it makes mi wanna go too. Bt I cant. I cant leave without gettin my diploma. Cos I dun c hw far I can go witout at least a diploma.. Help miii.. I reali cant decide wat I wanted nw... Next wk my class is starting... Studies n work again... If work gt things unsolved, it wil bug mi tru out. Sometimes I dun feel like studyin while workin bt wat can I do? In SG, no money will die. No quali wil die too.. Cos u wil get a lower pay job... Which u cant survive cos of e high living standard. Sux. Total sux... Gettin more n more tired of al tis... I reali wana do somethin tat I'm interested in. Bt wil I succeed? Wil I? Sian.. damn sian.. Admin jobs reali nt for miii... Cos is so general.. I wan somethin more specialise... Help mi... I jus wan to b alone for sometime. Let miiii trash al my prblms away for e moment... Relax myself... Jus myself.. N no one else... My mind is full of troubles... Fully loaded. I nit time to sort things out one by one... Reali one by one... I tink I shd list out al my troubles in a paper.. N frm there I solve it slowly... I m reali exhausted.