Inconsiderate Toilet User in SG

BASKET! Early mornin wan mi scold vulgar! Tis stupid asshole toilet user reali damn basket cum fucker! So incosiderate. Cant blame much too cos tis stupid toilet at URA East wing is reali damn stupid... Onli 3 cubicles nia.. Wat e hell.. Robina house beta than theirs lor.. 6 cubicles lor.. dun nit to wait de hor.. BLOODY HELL! Back to e story... Tis URA toilet, 1 cubicle is under maintenance.. e other nt occupy one no toilet paper... Den left one lor... Den tis stupid fellow duno hang ard inside for so long for wat sia????? I m so determined to wait til tis fellow comes out... I wan to c wat a fuckin face tat fellow can b... Den stil nv come out.. Flush toilet for wat...? For e sake of wat??? Damn it man.... B4 I left e toilet, I scolded 'WANG BA DAN'!!!! Haha.. I dun care ar.. Who wil giv a damn fuck abt it!!! Duno isit e backside too big den stuck on e toilet bowl or e shit accidentally stain e underwear so cant tink of a way to come out... TMD!!! Stupid rite? If tis fellow is a Singaporean ar, I can say tat nw a days S'porean r so inconsiderate... Life is gettin tougher as e living standard is gettin high.. Stil so inconsiderate ar... TMD!!! Dun blame e govt or society for bein inconsiderate towards our livin standards ar... U can b so inconsiderate liao so u tink ppl wil tink for u meh!!! Wah kaoz... In SG, mayb is true tat ppl r gettin richer bt they dun get to c their $$$... U noe where e $$$ go anot? Cars, housing loans, utilities bill, household expenses, mobile ph bills, family allowances, children's education, insurances etc... At e end of e day, hw much left? Nt much lor... Wah lau.. Use backside to tink oso know la.. Kaoz... SO INCONSIDERATE!!!! Aiya.. conclusion: Human beings r selfish by nature... Bein inconsiderate depends on their upbringing... GO TINK ABT IT MAN!!!