Practice makes perfect

Hmm.. Hv been goin for a jog for 2 consecutive wks. Hmm.. lousy stamina.. Bt at least some improvement yesterday.. Manage to run further than last wk.. Arrgh.. Bt strange lei.. My legs r nt achin.. Yesterday abit nia den no more liao.. Even nw is nt achin wor.. Shiok ar.. East Coast is reali a gd place to run. Bt too far frm hm.. Hmm.. mayb next time shd try somewhere else.. Eh.. ok la.. I mus jia you le la.. Always run so slow.. Bt hor.. is gd wor... Runnin fast n slow doesnt mean u can sustain yr stamina so I choose slow.. I like to b a turtle ma cos at hm I gt my pet turtle.. I tink in my life e only living thing I can win in running is my turtle.. Haha... Lamer's lame joke... Craps..