She gt a job finally... I thot she is goin to nua til she get married... She tinks she reali a DA XIAO JIE isit? I jus knew it tat one of tis day she wil run out of money.. Jus wonder y she wan to act generous in front of us... Wah kaoz.. Cannot buy branded goods le la.. Bt she stil gt a uncle to buy for her ma.. So she no scare de wor.. I m goin to announce to my sistas on tis.. C wat is their reaction. Nt bad wor.. After stop work so mani yrs, she stil able to get bk on e track... Wish her good luck.. C hw long she can survive.. So DA XIAO JIE!!!! Hate it.. As if she is reali one.. One experience wit her on tour is enuff... Bloody hell.. Instead of DA XIAO JIE, I tink she shd b named Dirty Xiao Jie!!!! Yuckss.....


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