Dinner @ Terra ~ 3 Apr 2008

Went out wit my gal pal. At Bugis. Nth seems to attract miii except the shop 'Hurs'. Haha.. I like a shirt in there.. Bt quite expensive.. Hmm.. let miii consider first. Hee... Anyway we walk ard... I bought 2 cookbooks from Kinokuniya... Hmm.. Prepare for my mini pizza makin tis Sat. Haha.... Shiok! Al e best. Bought a bottle of evening primrose oil for consumption. Mus take good care of myself le la.. Age is catchin up... Haiz... Anyway our dinner @ this Terra was terrible. The fish & chips I hv is yucky. Oily. So eat jus e fish... the batter part I cut it away... E drink is normal. Watermelon crush.. Jus like wat I hv at Maxwell Market. Even cheaper... Haha.... Y m I so dumb to drink tat here? Arrgh... Condemn tis place.. Makes my stomach stir. After tat we head hm... Oh ya... I saw our white hair chap at Bugis.. Alamak... He takes leave to shop ar??? Haha.. Later when he comes in, I shall question him.... Hee....From the top 2nd pic onwards: Savoury Baked Rice, Fish & Chips, Watermelon Crush, Banana & Peanuts (I forgot e actual name)