Shit... I let $100 go missing... Haiz.. I'm v upset. My fault for puttin it open... Haiz.. Company gt thief... I tink la... Arrgh. Tml pay tat amt ba.. Bloody hell.. Even my service order oso wan to eat away.. Wat e F***! Tat thief reali best ar... Take e money, cancel e entry in my service order tracking form, took my service order n hide it somewhere or shred away.. Wah lau.. I reali learn my lesson.. Shit.. I curse tat person who took e $100... Bloody hell.. CBM nv pay u well den go get a beta pay job la.. Steal tat $100 for wat????? Dun let mi find out who tat person is... I wil giv tat fellow one tight slap.. So angry!


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