Culinary | My First Trial on Pizza

Last Sat, I did my first eva pizza. Homemake.. Haha.. By myself hor.. Haha... Gt abit 'chao da' by e side. Taste is the same. Someone commented that I put too much pineapple. Hmm... True. And also added tat I shd cut away the side of bread. Hee... I learnt frm tv de... They use bread as the pizza crust... Hmm... M I rite? Bt overall, is stil ok la.. Haha.. Tell u a secret. When I go shop for the ingredients, I bought another bottle of the pizza sauce.. Haha.. I v determined to do a perfect one.. Mus practice more.. Till e pizza turns out rite!!! Yeahh... Tats e spirit. Gambade!!!!