Culinary | Weekend Kitchen Mess

Embrace yourself. It might be a lengthy post.

Vacuum and mop the floor. And then got myself busy over doing my creative cookies to participate in the 2-Star Challenge by SCS Dairy, Star Baker Challenge. I think I'm superb daring to participate when I'm still a novice in baking. Damn it! Thanks for not able to do so before I got married. Crampy kitchen back in my childhood home. Whatever! If I can emerge up to 3-Star, I'm superb duper happy already. Because I doubt it will be easy when this Level 2 is over. But I just try my best. No harm.

Level 1 was quite easy because you just submit any creation of your baking. Anything and you get this 1-Star Baking Award. I thick-skinned submitted that volcano-erupt Butter Cake photo for this Level 1. Sibei thick-skin. But hey... that's a good try you know? Trying is better than do nothing. My hub was surprised too that I recently took the courage to participate in 2 events, 1 is the Singapore Blog Award and this Star Baker Challenge. At least he supports. I'm glad.

And also if you are using SCS butter, join their Passionate Chef Rewards program. All you need to do is to upload the receipt of your purchase of their butters, gain points and redeem their range of exclusive items.

Please note on their qualifying products. I have gained 8 points for the start. Got 2 Salted Butter Block for baking purpose. And after that I got another 2 Unsalted Butter Block for this week's cookie challenge. Blessed me. Let me do a good one with my Airfryer. Poor airfryer. Coming soon my oven. 

Okay... Now let me bring you back to Monday where I did my 1st attempt of butter cookies. Got the recipe from The Airfryer Recipe Collection on Facebook Group Page. Stupid me. If I never hesitate, I won't be baking all the way to 12mn. Damn you Stella! But I manage to do it, with le hub commenting on its superb buttery taste. 

I actually did in 6 batches of 15 mins each due to the limited space of the airfryer. Imagine if I have an oven, I would have done probably in 3 batches all them cookies.

This is my 1st batch. I send this image to le hub who is still outside with his friends and guess what he said? It looks like fishcake! Damn it. Thanks! It does look like but it shouldn't taste like one. IDIOT!

I think this batch is the nicest of all. I manage to shape it nicely. Finally it looks not like a fishcake. My friend asked me to shape a otah lookalike cookie. Damn it!

Still, there is some odd shapes in the end. So cannot blame me. I got this limited space to consider within that airfryer. It is a sense of achievement for me. Definitely. So it motivates me further to bake prettier cookies for the challenge. 

Oh and my dinner that night was instant noodles since le hub is outside. Not in the mood to cook spaghetti though. 

I got different brands of instant noodles stock up in the kitchen and once a while having it was just so great. I had Chu Qian Yi Ding Sesame Oil flavour. Nice nice!

And then on Tuesday, hub manage to cook us dinner with the availability of processed food, frozen food and pre-packed beansprouts. I posted a 15 secs video of him cooking 2 dishes on Instagram. You might want to check it out. Now here the end products.

Here's the beansprouts with shrimps. Tasty of course. He did a tuning on the sauces used to cook this dish. Nearly salty to death (because he over-poured the abalone sauce) but manage to tune it back with water. Well done. Plus a bit of stewing and all. Bravo! *round of applause*

On the left is squid. This is the processed food (canned food) I'm talking about. With his creativity, he uses other than those kitchen staples, he added pasta sauce and chilli paste. The combi makes it smelly so good and tastes succulent. Chewy too. Ok people! Once a while processed food is okay. Don't always (although I was told to buy quite a few by le hub). Heheheh... Preach but ownself never do. Ya lah... Once a while ma. I stock up for rainy days. As if the canned food has no expiry.

You peeps gotta bear with me as most of the time (for now) is food posts and no travel posts. Probably plan a short 2D1N or 3D2N trip with le hub. Penang and Malacca the most. Hmm... KL? Maybe I will.

Back to food.

So this is my submission for 2 Star Challenge. The styling got improve a bit or not? The cookies look like macaron or not? In fact is just my butter cookies the other day. I giap with ice cream. That brings the title Butter Ice Cream Cookie. It is my fav corn ice cream. Le hub wants choc chips ice cream. Too bad dude! I didn't buy. Try harder again.

The other day I coated it with melted chocolate.

That makes mi feel like doing cake-pops. Let's see how.

Weekend kitchen is always like a battle field. Cooking and baking. Need lots of cleaning up. 

I did muah chee for the 2nd time in my life!

I forgotten where my recipe is so I got it from Munch Ministry.

Very easy to guess what I'm cooking. Yup just Broccoli with Oyster mushrooms. Both are my favourite.

Boiling my broccoli on Happy Call pan. A pinch of salt to enhance the colour. 

Cooking time. I think my mushrooms are more than my broccoli. And my broccoli is farking expensive at $6+ from Cold Storage. This is crazy. Freaking need to finish them all up.

Ta-da... Here is the end product. Love it! Next time I should use other types of mushrooms. No problem man!

Guess what's cooking next? If you follow me on Instagram, you should see a video of the cooking. That's right.

Our Golden Shrimp Fried Rice. We achieved the colour using 3 egg yolks but find that it is still not very yellow. Probably try getting L-size egg for a chance of double egg yolks. Attempts to do it with 1 egg white only. 

I think you peeps have noticed my cooking is usually fried rice, fried noodles or rice with side dishes. Very common right? Ya lah... Life is still very long (maybe) for us to explore more in this house of ours.

Sunday was my worst day in life. Never felt so useless before. Failure in doing anything well. What the hell is wrong with me? But never mind. Keep trying. Don't give up.

Had my afternoon snack. Airfry sotong balls. Wahahaha... I can't stop eating. It is my favorite and is so nice. I can have 1 whole packet on my own if not that le hub wants it too. 1 after another.

I tried making butter cake using rice cooker as I saw many of them doing it. I feel is a good idea cos the heat distribution is much more balance. However it failed me. Or maybe I got myself a lousy rice-cooker. Damn it! 1 minute is cooked. When it actually didn't. WTF! Den I slice it half and throw half to airfry. And this is how it turns out.

Great! Airfry for about 5 or 10 minutes I can't remember. Cos I was so demoralized. Edible okay? Buttery taste and soft too. That's my breakfast again. 

My Sunday dinner was fried beehoon again. Quite a failure. I'm not sure how to describe that feeling. The beehoon was soaked since morning till evening then we cooked.  That's one of the problem.

And the other one is I wanted to try eggy beehoon but then I was too fast to throw in the beehoon on the egg and it turns out so soggy and sticky. Never happens to my beehoon before. Superb demoralized. 

I felt quite depressed over the weekend. I think is PMS doing the evil thing on me. I felt useless for not able to do the simplest thing in the kitchen. I feel fat. I feel I'm not creative. I feel a lot of things. And it even triggered me to shout at le hub who ended up getting so piss off with me. Well done.

Okay. Shall be a better week. Cheers.