Culinary | Cook and Eat + Lazy Week!

Oh hi there. I guess if you are following closely on my updates, you must be waiting for my cooking diary updates right? Or no? Nvm. Even if it is a NO, I will still continue with this post. Like I care if you don't. Wahahahah... 

Seems like a lazy week. No mood. PMS. Hehehe... So not much of cooking stuff. Probably I can show you what le hub cooks on one of the weekdays and some of mine. 

On the 1st Wednesday of July (2 July), le hub was home early and then cooked us dinner. Actually is nothing. Just processed food (mutton) and omelette. Nice omelette we got there. He is quite proud of it. And I just gotten cut the fruits for us. Yup. Every meal without fail. FRUITS! Most of the time our intake of fruits is Oranges. Big Navel Oranges. Tends to be sweet. 

Guess you should know what I'm up to. Marinating some midjoints on a Sat for our meal on Sun. Leaving it for at least a day or 2 makes the chicken tastier. OMG!

I made some jellies on Fri night. Since it would be quite dull, so I bought a can of cocktail fruits to make them look colourful and sweet. Yummy! I made this tray specially for friend's chalet on Sat. The rest in the mould are for our own. I hope they like it. Most importantly, hope it is not too sweet.

I also made a non-bake cheesecake for the chalet. Okay actually the chalet is to celebrate my friend's husband birthday in advance (1 week advance). So I decided to do something special rather than buying some useless stuff for him. You know guys, we have problem buying stuff for them. They are not like us ladies. So much to buy but also problem because we don't know which one to get when choices are wide. 

I have to say that the strawberry topping is so little that I feel like throwing away the whole pack and leave it as norm cheesecake. So pathetic. I shall be clever next time and buy my own spread. So I have leftovers of the cocktail fruits so I deco a bit on the cheesecake. I pray to God that I don't spoil the taste. I shall ask my friend when I see her this weekend.

On Sunday, I bake a cake using my +Philips Air-fryer. The theme for 3 Star Challenge is cakes. I'm sorry but I got no proper oven to bake a good one so I use back the same recipe. I named it Butter Fruit Cake. 

I think you peeps know again that I have leftovers of the fruits so I put in for the sake of making it special rather than just a plain butter cake. This time round the recipe was better and not too buttery or sweet. Le hub is fine with this cake. Lucky me.

So I just simply use this cake to submit for my 3 Star category. I basically is happy with it already because I knew I will not be selected to proceed 4 Star. Getting up to 3 Star is good enough. So I can rest! I dun nit to be afraid of what is the next theme they gonna throw in.

As for our dinner on Sunday, I cooked a vegetable dish, fried fishcakes and airfry the marinated chicken midjoints. This is the 1st time we airfry the chicken and yes... we did it and is superb nice.

My fishcake are fried quite nicely right? I used Happy Call pan to fry. Less oil and low heat. Same goes to my veggie. Lovely.

I'm sorry to say but I think we are Chicken Rice couple. For convenience sake, our meals on weekend can be Chicken Rice every now and then. How many times have you seen our Chicken Rice appearing here? But that's what we like. We not only use the paste but add in other ingredients for taste enhancement.

The before and after of my veggie dish. Le hub go add lots of fried shallot into it. Looks a little messy to me but taste good still. 

So this is end of my Sunday. Nothing much right? Now we are venturing into ordering Tingkat after le hub heard from my friend on Sat about them ordering Tingkat. Hmm... actually also not bad. Order a 4 days dinner and I have 3 days to venture on my cook & bake. Why not? And I don't have to clean up. I seriously hate cleaning up but I love cook & bake. How? You tell me lah.

Shall finalize on whether to take up Tingkat. Gotten find out more from my friend first.