Random... yet again

I'm quite annoyed for sometimes but then I just have to let it go without affecting me too much.

Anyway I'm my own manager and I'm on my own to look for opportunities out there, and not just sitting there waiting to be approached with opportunities. Yes! I am like that for quite sometimes. 

I can't rely on others anymore. Because I'm old (at 33), not pretty at all and not popular too (cos not young & pretty). But I have my own style of blogging (doing reviews or rant about anything) and not many can accept that. Oh ya... I've a poor command of English too. Too bad!

Always hunting for opportunities and there I got my record breaking of only 2 food-tasting invites plus a 8 months of Ambassadorship with a food brand. I should count my blessings too because not just looking out for it but whether they give or not the opportunity to you. 

I'm glad. And I do my very best for the food reviews because I feel I indebted to them for these golden opportunities to 'market' for them in my Instagram and blog, sometimes my personal FB account.

I may have just small amount of readers/followers but every reader/follower are just that important. I'm a Business graduate so I know what is like now through social media marketing.

Now, I'm hunting for more opportunities. Contact me via email at iamstellachen@ymail.com for invites/sponsorships.

I still believe that my luck will come one day.