[Featured] DEAL.com.sg - Best Deals in Singapore

I'm sure many of you knew about DEAL.com.sg long time ago. Yup! It isn't new to me too as I have bought deals from them previously.

Familiar right? Have you been searching for best deals here? Why not do it now than never, if you haven't?

Deal.com.sg was established in 2010 and had since been the top online shopping platform in Singapore that everybody knows with great offers at best price. Whenever you ask a friend 'Where you get this deal?' and their answer 'Deal.com.sg!' I know there are many other such online platforms but then this is where I started my 1st online shopping spree. Haha... If I remember correctly, should be some F&B deals or travel deals. Oops... Either one. Or both, maybe.

They have different deals from Travel, Products to Dining. Some has 100+ deals in the various category. Go crazy by just looking at their deals. If you can't decide on which to grab, GRAB all then! Haha...

And for their D. LUXE, it is more of luxury goods from bags, shoes to accessories. Famous brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Hermes and many more.

They have free delivery for some deals/items so do look out.

Wait! There is more. They have Deal Rewards program for customers with these simple steps.

Log on to http://www.deal.com.sg/ or click on the ads on the right of my blog to access their awesome deals that's waiting for you.

Shopping is now made easier than ever.