Busy Week!

Alright. Actually not the whole week busy but is only when Friday comes.

I was preparing my own dessert table for Saturday's housewarming and I procrastinated actually because I don't know if I am able to do up all the things I wanna do for my guests. Planned non-bake cheesecake and tarts which is quite hassle-free because I don't have a freaking oven and I'M A COMPLETE BAKING NOOBSHIT!

Plus on the same day Friday, I got a blogger event to attend. Nervous breakdown. I scared time is not enough to complete what I wanna do. But thank God everything went smoothly. Did my mini fruit tarts and cheesecake before mid afternoon. And in the midst of everything, I realized my tarts are 'cracking'. DEAR GOD! And I manage to save quite a lot of them from dying. So sad. And also when I head out for event, I got stomachache + raining heavily. YOU ARE PUTTING ME TO A TEST, DEAR GOD! Luckily I manage to reach there on time and came back in 1 piece. 

Enough of my rambling. Let the pictorial snippets bring you through instead of a wordy post. *yawnz*

Hospital Meal

Nobody likes to stay long in hospital but then when there is no choice, you have to. My dad admitted on Tues and discharged on Sat which I can't go together with my bro and mum to fetch him. And this is one of those days during his stay that he and myself loathe that hospital food. Superb unappetizing and he got sick of it too and have morsel of it.

Fruit Tarts Making

Bought the ready-made mini tart shells from Phoon Huat. Thank God I went early if not I'm dead. Then I made the custard which my bro did before and lucky I succeeded. Still not that bad for a NOOBSHIT!

I have Nata De Coco, Longan and Blueberry flavors. Oh I love the blueberries itself. So sweet!

Delivery of alcohol

Blogger Event

Here is the mandatory group photo with the bloggers at Mcdonald's that I grabbed from Jamie's blog. Other details you may want to read up my previous post to find out.
Credit: No Foreign Lands
Oh yes... Blogger Jamie is the finalist of this year's Singapore Blog Award 2014, under Best Photography Blog. Vote for her! And congratulation Jamie and best of luck! 


I can't help but to share the photos here. Damn it. I am seeing my guests inside the house while le husband seeing his guests outside the house, where all the drinkers united. *puke* Buffet was not enough and wiped off clean clean by end of the day. OMG! Thank you for coming. We are glad for your attendance to our humble home.

That caterer missed out my dessert and headed back to their factory to collect another one for me. Luckily the uncle is okay. Superb glad. Unfortunately, how yummy the food is, le husband and I never get to eat. Too busy inside out just entertaining the guests. Lucky me. At least our fren took my camera to shoot some shots (wanting to try out my cam). Drool over the photos then. 

Quite a nice bokeh shot
Why does it look more like PAC Man than cheesecake yo?

My bro took with my cam some pics of my dessert table and I'm superb glad that all the tarts and cheescake plus fried gyoza were wiped out clean clean too that day. OMG I love all my guests. I made the right decision to do up my very own dessert table. Don't need to spend a bomb on catering for dessert table. 

This is just inside my house that is like superb packed but still able to have everyone seated, scatter all over. Wahahahaha.... And some mandatory shots with my friends.

Part of my Dearies Club a.k.a Secondary school mates
My ex-colleagues from Keppel
Let me show you the happening part outside my house. Le crazy husband. This is what happens when drinking goes way way wrong. Guys... wtf! 

Still got the cheek to pose for me! Well done!
The drunkard tries to lift every single person with his bare hands!

The drunkard who is grabbing le husband. So funny. Couldn't help but laugh away. I think that day we are the nosiest unit of that block. Can you imagine when I went downstairs to send my friends off, I could hear their loud and clear toasting travelling all the way down from Level 13? Good job! Come, I clap for you! Still gloating over his misery that day. Wahahahahahha......

A short guy holding on to a taller guy!
Finally everything is over. Everyone went home half drunk. Half nia. I know they can hold their drink one. So is le husband. Except the drunkard in black. So funny. Damn funny! I can't even! I rem!

Then went for dinner with le husband's friends at the coffeeshop near our place. Then I took the funniest photos on 'HOW TO EAT YOUR STEAK'.

So that's all for this post. Very tiring day. After the caterer came to collect all the stuff, I swept the floor outside to ensure it is clean, at least. Even though the other 2 units have not shifted in but I still want cleanliness. If not, I'm just slapping on my own face when I love complaining to Town Council when cleanliness is concerned. Instead, our house was left unclean till Sun. Too sian too tired and le husband is still on the hangover state. Grumbling to me the whole night. Siao! Thank God that my friend helped me out in washing some stuff and clearing my table. If not I also won't be able to do all. Thank you Christine & Yiyun. Yes they are my bridesmaids for my wedding. Wahahahahahahahhh.... 

And yes... the consumption of alcohol that day was crazy! I didn't expect to receive liquors and wines. Seriously. And this husband of mine is superb high that he keep grabbing whatever wines he sees in the kitchen and drink like a mad drunkard outside with all the attendees. WTF! Then his friend asked me to keep that Cordon Bleu immediately before le husband comes and grab. Can you imagine le husband even brings out his JACK DANIEL to drink? I thought he wanted to keep for display. He nearly gonna grab the Vodka Limited Edition that my bro brought over for me. Sibei heng! I quickly keep. THIS IS SOOOOOOO CRAZY! MAD!  

When he is a little sober, he said that we made the right decision of not holding a wedding banquet. If not, this is what happens. So mad crazy bunch!