Culinary | Cook and Eat + Annoying Wk!

First thing on a Monday morning that stirs my anger is seeing my work desk being intruded by a very rude Professor who thinks he has the right to access my computer and also shifting my stuff. He is a Computing Professor and he has all his ways to access the comp without any problem. I'm gonna teach him a lesson on what is being FARKING RUDE! One who hates technology but still LL have to use technologies for his work! Damn it! 

Ommm.... Ommmm... Chill! Continue my writing of my week. This asshole gonna get it from me DAMN RUDELY BACK!

One of the days I had lunch at Kopitiam @ NUH which always without fail will give me 'surprises' in my food.

Previously I had vegetarian beehoon and I found a strand of hair. Thank you for that. I find it gross and from then I don't take their vegetarian food. Now the above, prawn noodles soup. I found a small piece of egg shell. Thank you again. Kopitiam, you have given me the best surprises and that shows how hygiene your stall vendors are. No discrimination but take a look who is handling the stall. Case closed.

Had dinner with le hub at Ichiban Boshi, JEM.

Eat all the sushi.
Urchin Sushi

A superb full meal but not very fantastic service. It's okay. Not totally a bad meal. I love the fried squid. I love the don. I love the assorted sushi we ordered. You know you love sushi when the ingredients are damn fresh! 

Ohhh yeah! Finally received email from SIM regarding the conferment ceremony in August. Damn it! Long wait for this degree. Got my results in Dec 2013 and then because the university only holds once a year the ceremony in Singapore so I totally wait for 8 months! Hope it is gonna be in time for me to submit HR for updating and also appraise me based on not performance only but also my qualification as a university graduate. 

So this year I'm graduating with my friend too. I bought her this graduation bear a.k.a beanie from Mr Bean. Cute right? Mr Bean is very creative to come out with this. So convenience for me to buy at NUH outlet. I wanna buy one for myself too. 

Den on that night out with my friends, I bought my 1st Line cushion, Cony from Takashimaya. Seriously I'm so crazy over Brown, Cony, Moon, James and all the characters. But I always find there cushion damn expensive. So this time round, be it a hand warmer or whatever, I just buy because is about $20+. More than that I don't think I want to buy. Unless got discount.

It now sits on my sofa and every time le hub will use it like a pillow. Oh man... it is white in colour and I so scare it turns black. By then I can call it Black Cony. Wahahahaha... I'm preventing this to happen.

And I finally open up that box of Royce Chocolate that was given to us by my bro's girlfriend whom will be my SIL soon in Sept 2014. I seldom will (or totally won't) buy expensive chocolates as I don't really take chocolates but only once a while when I need a sugar fix. This one was good. Matcha flavour. I had 2 and kept it in the fridge. Sinful you know. So long I finish it by the expiry date.

Then on a Friday night, went IKEA with le hub. Grab like $50 of stuff. Well done. Lesser than when we just got our keys to our crib. That time was crazy. Spend about $1000+ in a total of few trips to IKEA Tampines and Alexandra. Tiring but quite enjoyable because we tease each other while fixing up the racks, tables, drawers and so on. Fun doing that. But still I won't forget that their qualities are not the best though. And using the self-check out machine really saves our time in queue. Still have time for us to buy their nice curry puffs and the famous meatballs home to airfry on our own.

Cost us about $15+. Le hub never try their meatballs so just bot a pack home. He is not very impressed with their food because especially the chicken wings which many will go for when they had their meals at IKEA, le hub said is not properly fried. It still has that trace of blood which we can see on the bones inside. To me, I find it tasty on the outside but because of that, I also give up on their chicken wings. I think our home-cooked chicken wings are beta. No single trace of blood. Awesome on our own. Ohhh... and we also grab that potato chips at 3 for $5. Le hub loves it a lot from the first time and so grabbed!

Nah... We created our own platter. Sotong balls, IKEA meatballs and beancurd wrapped chicken. Nice or not? The photo didn't do justice to it. Feel so good on a Sat afternoon. Shiok max. By the way, is all airfry. That makes us feel less guilt.

I did mini fruit tarts with the balance of my tart shells and longan. 

Didn't do a good job for the custard and I learnt my lesson of not multi-tasking while doing your custard. I'm sorry. But still edible.

Are you bored with my post by now? Are you simply waiting for my cooking? Okay. Just one this week. Nasi Lemak on Sunday for dinner. I always like different theme on weekends so me and le hub can brainstorm what is needed and probably some creative ideas out of nowhere....

1st of all, I'm thankful that Sing Long has what I need for my cooking. Referring back to my Kitchen Staples post, le hub and I love using their Garlic and Onion for cooking. Now I found this Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli. Thumbs up! Not very spicy and it totally captures my heart. How can you be so good Sing Long? I bought my sauces/condiments at Cold Storage. Check it out. Thank you Sing Long and we will continue to support your products.

My ikan bilis a.k.a anchovies. Failed on my 1st attempt. All charred. Then with le hub's guidance, I manage to do it on 2nd attempt. Well done! I love anchovies because my mum always will fry that specially just for me. I can just have that with rice. No need other dishes. Easy to raise right me?

Omelette by le hub. He can do very nice round omelette. I like. That's 2 eggs yo... He added garlic in the egg mixture and not bad the taste plus it is thicker than usual. I SUPERB LIKE!

Ta-daaa... Our airfried chicken mid-joints. Superb nice. Marinated for 2 days with common ingredients like garlic, pepper and so on. Airfry them at 10 mins each side at 180 deg. If I were to open a cafe, this will be in the menu for sure. Expert now dude!

Set my Nasi Lemak on the plate for photoshoot. A very simple one with omelette, cucumber, anchovies and most importantly, my chicken mid-joints. See how it is on focus in the above photo. I love you man.

Sedap! In conclusion, need improvement on the rice. Probably more rice to balance out the coconut milk (200ml). It is already very sinful. And my friend suggested using fresh chicken rather than grab from chiller display at Cold Storage/NTUC. Okay! Noted. Time to visit the market and pick some fresh chicken. 

So that's all for my week. Kind of lousy but then just suck it up! Look forward to this week. Extra day of rest. 

Wishing my Muslim readers (if I have the honour) in advance, Selamat Hari Raya! 

Credit: MusicalArtz