Media Invite | Celebrate True Singaporean SHIOKness at Mcdonald's!

'Do you know the Satay Man, 
the Satay Man, the Satay Man?'

Anyone knows this familiar rhyme? Did the fan brings back some nostalgia memories? I do! Both are so familiar to me when I was a kid. We learnt lots of nursery rhymes, poems, songs and this is just one of the many. And we fan ourselves during hot weathers for cooling effects. Especially used by our grandparents and ..... Satay Man.

So now, what comes into your mind when we mention Satay Man? Fanning the skewers of savoury mutton, beef, chicken satay over the hot burning charcoals. And nice ketupat (rice dumplings) to go along. Most importantly, that sweet peanut sauce.

Yes! In celebration of our upcoming 49th National Day on 9 August 2014, Mcdonald's is launching 2 very local flavour burgers that will suit everyone's taste bud:

Shiok Shiok Chicken and Beef Satay Burgers
Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore
Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger

Ala-Carte Menu: $5.50 per burger

Between the fluffy toasted buns, get to find a pair of juicy 100% beef patty with fresh onion silvers and cucumber slices, along with perfectly blended peanut sauce. Every bite is a true meaty sensation!

Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger

Ala-Carte Menu: $5.50 per burger

Sandwich between the sesame buns, get a satisfying finish with that tender, moist, skinless chicken patty topped with crunchy onion silvers, cucumber slices and peanut sauce that will tease your taste buds! 

Wait!!!! That's not all.

Caution HOT!

Indulge yourself for a sweet treat with the Banana Pie for just $1.00! Filled with generous amount of delectable mashed banana fillings in the crispy pie crust. Careful. It's hot! But i'm lovin it

Tip of the day: Ms Sam from Mcdonald's Singapore shared a tip on how to get a different taste of Banana Pie than the usual having it hot. Freeze your Banana Pie in your freezer for probably few hours and try the taste. I'm gonna try myself too. Share your experience with us.

Under the unforeseeable weather, complete the meal with a sweet refreshing Strawberry McFizz at $2.70. Be spoilt with the real strawberry bites that will definitely sweeten your day.

WHAT????? Not enough to satisfy the hungry you???

Try the Smokey Drumlets (2 pc) from $2 and get ready to fire up your taste buds for another irresistible spicy kick! That succulent chicken drumlets marinated with black pepper and paprika will sure give you that satisfaction! *Hands down*

And do you know Shiok Shiok Satay Burger (Chicken or Beef) Extra Value Meal (includes medium fries and small Coke) is available at only $6.60 each? Yeah I'm telling you now.

So tell me, based on my post, what will you pick to try? 




If you ask me, I love both! Because both chicken and beef patty go so well with the peanut sauce.

Give yourself a treat to Mcdonald's Shiok Shiok Satay Burger that will be available in stores from 15 July 2014, Tuesday. While stocks last. 

Celebrate the true Singaporean Shiokness flavours. 
Because i'm lovin it!

And thank you for this opportunity and Mcdonald's Singapore for hosting us on a lovely Friday night!

'Do you know the Satay Man, 
the Satay Man, the Satay Man?'