Food Review | Omakase Burger

A random search and found Omakase Burger at Wisma Atria. 1st try out with the ladies and didn't really impressed us. Probably the 1st and last for this food outlet.

First impression left me feeling like any fastfood restaurants but a much more expensive fastfood. Then when we look for our seats, it feels like atas restaurant where you have to be guided to the seats. What a combination you have here!

Here is the menu:

Credit: Omakase Burger
Our orders: Omakase Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Omakase Chicken Sandwich, Truffle Fries, 2 Root Beer Float and a Sapporo beer. Cost us $70+. Well done!

Root Beer Float & Sapporo Premium Beer
Who on earth will have problems with beverages? No right? Unless is those mixed or exotic drinks and then is you to judge whether a thumbs up or not.

Omakase Cheeseburger - $14.90
Here is my burger. Was asked how would I like it to be done so I follow my friend and get it medium done. This beef patty is definitely commendable which my friends will agree with me. 

Nice shot of our burgers. Frankly speaking, the burger menu is kind of limited, probably that's their style. Wanted to try the Chicken sandwich but since my friend is having, so I tried some others which I actually randomly choose. Luckily it didn't fail me much esp the patty but a disappointment on the bun.

Truffle Fries - $8.30 (Large)
My love for Truffle Fries. It looks like normal Mcdonald's french fries here and like I always say, I definitely love thick fries instead. To me, you get better taste from thicker Truffle Fries (my opinion) and this one here, I don't really feel much. It is just like I'm having a pack of medium fries from Mcdonald's which is much cheaper and nicer. And you can see that the oil is at the bottom when you are about to finish. Yup we didn't finish the last bits because looks so oily.

The bun was oily/wet on the bottom part. I find it a little gross having such bun. My friends keep complaining is so oily and I felt it is wet or over moist for the bun. It is like having a bun soaked in plain water. Get it?

So in Japanese, Omakase means 'it's up to you', which means it's up to us whether to patronize your food outlet again or not. 

Okay. Not totally that bad. You have nice patties. You have fresh greens. You have nice cheese. But your bun. Try do something about the bun. How you can maintain the texture longer even when oil/moisture seeps in.

Omakase Burger

435 Orchard Road

#01-02/03/37-41, Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877

Nearest MRT: Orchard 

Then after our meal, we went for a walk through Wisma Atria to Takashimaya. We were saying that nowadays, there is no reason why to pop by Orchard unless you wanna grab some stuff or meet up with friends. Imagine I have not been walking around Taka for quite sometime. Count by years, thank you. The most is ION Orchard when I wanna meet my husband to head home together. Other than that, I never step too far. Talk about Paragon.

There is this Food Fest going on at Takashimaya and we walked through the stalls. Found this Corn Cane Ice Cream which I thought I seen in Instagram from someone I follow. Curiosity sometimes kill me deep down. It doesn't taste any special. Damn it! Blame Curiosity!

Okay the only resemblance of this corn cane is SAXOPHONE! Wahahaha... They filled in the ice cream from both sides. With every bite, it didn't fail to bring you the corn and ice cream taste. Nothing special actually. I even told my friend this corn thingy taste like our childhood snacks.

I think this above snack taste better. Agree with me please!

And after a walk, we went back Wisma for a coffee. At Starbucks. Regular customer already hor! And we took group selfies for purpose of sending to a group chat to express our feeling of not meeting up for so long with all other ladies and also to let them see us. With caption please. Wahahahahah

How's all the dearies? You have been missed by us 3.

We have so much fun hanging out!

So when are we meeting up? We wonder.

Lao Niang getting a little impatient already!

And we even fall asleep while waiting for next meetup.
Crappy right? Our idea. You will agree that looking at photos/pictures are better than lengthy, wordy stuff. That's creativity. 

That's all for the post. Bye!