[Featured] First Lady Nails & Beauty

Alright. So you peeps seldom read about me doing nails except probably on my Instagram where I post a few mainly for my wedding. Pardon my awful wrinkled hands and feet. That is a concrete proof of laziness in me. Damn it! Disappointed or not? The blogger here is extremely lazy. But then I make efforts to do my nails. Just for my wedding. 

Because my bridal shop is at Yishun, I went in search for a nail shop that is near to my hub's place as I will stay over usually, to do manicure & pedicure for our bridal shoot. Just nice this shop is superb convenience as it takes me only 5-10mins walk to the shop. Well done.

The 1st person I saw when approaching the shop was Ah Hong, the lady boss. That was back in Feb 2014. Words exchange and set! My very 1st mani & pedi session at First Lady. 

I went 1 day before our bridal shoot to do the nails. That was after work. As I don't want to 'destroy' people's hard work, so I only decided to do so 1 day in advance.

They choose this colour for me as they say it will go well with all colours of my gown. Okay lah. Quite common colour (or universal colour) so I'm okay with it.

Nice bo? I think is nice but the photo is not doing justice to the nails. Definitely the type that I like. So who cares?

And as for my toe nails colour, I choose purple. I think back: 'Wear gown won't see feet right so don't need too nice lor.' You see lah. I'm very easy when it comes to this. Not much of preference so long as it is not ugly. Hahah...

Below: This is my bridal nails I did at Pink Parlour. Almost fade off towards my wedding day. I did on a Monday and Sunday is my wedding. Wahahahahah... A normal one not Gelish. Thinking back, I still prefer to go First Lady for manicure. I still think they did it great for me. Sigh... I'm too much a neighbourhood person. Like it or not, that's me.

Now (below): Here is my nails on 27 June 2014 and I'm quite pleased (my standard/expectation is not that high) with them colours as requested by me. Simple yet pleasing. Initially wanted to do a one colour for my fingers but the manicurist suggested doing this as it is nicer and also when the nails grew longer, it won't be so obvious. Or whatever. Finally back to somewhere I'm comfy with and with nice nails, it brightens up my night.

And for my feet, I wanted a blue. So I chose this colour. New in the shop. Actually I love wearing flats or pumps so I go for classic pedicure for my feet instead of Gelish. Cos unless I wear sandals or at home, you won't see my nail colour at all. So why waste on Gelish right?

So here is First Lady's shop interior. Small, crampy but cosy. There are 3 seats so you can imagine one shot 3 customers come and that's it. No more space. I guess when their customer base grows and business is good, they will expand. I think lah. 

The lady boss Ah Hong on the right, standing up
She is superb friendly. Likes to joke with customers (I'm not sure but probably if she is close with the customers) and very hospitable. The one on left side is the manicurist who did my nails. I didn't ask her name but I heard another customer calling her Kelly? The other Chinese lady (I heard them call her Ah Lian) did my toe nails. Oh by the way, Ah Hong and 'Kelly' are from Vietnam. They have been in Singapore for many years. 

That night was quite fun with another customer. Ah Hong's mum and brother came over to Singapore to visit her. And that day her mum cooked their hometown food. Looks like mee tai mak or Korean Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cake but thinner version. Not spicy type but is either sweet or salty. They have it that way. Ah Hong offered me a salty one to try. So nice of her. Another customer also tried. Very nice. I finished the whole bowl. 

Ok lah enough of my grandmother story. Just to share with you peeps this small little shop with abundance of warmth and laughter. I like. I have package with them and I'm going back to them when it is time up for my nails!

Here is the address:

First Lady Nails & Beauty
70 Woodlands Ave 7 #02-K8
Admiralty MRT Station (Overhead Bridge)
*Come out from control station, turn to your right and then right again when you saw the bus-stop*

Mobile no: 8522 6683
Tel: 6366 2215

For all ladies out there who doesn't mind a small space while having chatty and friendly manicurists to serve you, this is the place. 

And please don't be mean or skeptical towards them just because they are Vietnamese ladies. They are earning a living like anyone here. Please do give them some respect.