Union of Two

It still so surreal though it has been a month plus since our wedding on 18 May 2014. Actually we have registered for marriage in March but then we have our new house to handle for renovation and furnishing stuff, it is not easy. But then it just went on well. Thankfully.

So much of help rendered by our family and friends during these 5 months. Thank you. 

Thank you list just goes on:

  1. Christine and Bryan for recommending their reno contractor to us (though we took up the latter's);
  2. Simon for handling our new house renovation and everything went perfectly;
  3. Francis for sponsoring our air-con units; 
  4. Jason & Weide for being our photographer on 18 May;
  5. Yiyun, Christine, Vincent, Belvin and Lawrence for all the help on 18 May;
  6. And to all who attended our humble wedding lunch on 18 May.
Grooming: Hairloom
Suit & Gown/Makeup/Hairdo: Fame Bridal
Photography: Jason & Weide
Venue: Furama Riverfront (Look for Kelvin Wong for assistance on wedding or other event packages)