Wedding Shoot

Say real one. If I say that I can't smile, what is your reaction? The photos won't turn out well esp me right? Seriously. Now I'm a little scared what the photos will be like. I'm not worry about my guy but myself. I really don't have a nice smile. Thought that I can just go for invisalign to do something about it but then, I'm just too stingy. Oh and please... I won't go for plastic surgery! No way!!! NO!!!! So I just have to bear the consequences of lousy turnout for my photos. Damn it!

The day before our shoot, I went to get my nails done. Seriously I don't do anything to my nails, even normal painting. Unless special occasion like now for my wedding shoot. I think not even special occasion will I do my nails. Seriously, I wonder if I'm a woman. But I am. However, not very into such girly stuff. Too bad. 

You see. My nails. Did a gelish and this is the turn-out. The nail technician said this shall match every colour of my gown. Wonderful. This is simple yet glittering enough for me. I like. Never do any extension. These are my real nails. Pardon my ugly palm.

Then on Saturday 22 Feb 2014, we had our wedding shoot. The bridal shop that we went to is:

Fame Bridal 茗家
Block 101 Yishun Ave 5
Singapore 760101
Tel: 6257 5620

I'm not famous enough to get sponsor so this bridal shop was introduced by my guy's friend who also went there for their wedding shoot. Our final price for the package is $2,988 which includes 2 make-ups, gown and suits, hand-bouquet, car-deco, disc for photos selected, 2 albums (1 big & 1 small which is for mother side to keep), selected photo for relatives/friends and framed photo for hanging in the house. And this is only for indoor shoot (studio of course). If you are going for outdoor too, cost about $3k+. For more info, you can make a trip down to their shop for further enquiries. Their shop is at Chong Pang.

I read reviews online about them. Saw negative and positive ones. Mostly on their gowns. But then, I think me and my guy are not very particular and should say, we are very easy-going. So the fitting day in January, we settle everything in an hour. Choose very fast right? They recommend what, fits me and ON LAH! Same goes to my guy. Tell me about it. 

We reach there quite early for breakfast because Chong Pang is kind of known for some nice food (Chong Pang Nasi Lemak???) but then because my guy is someone who hates crowded places and long queue so we just had wantan mee at the coffeeshop of the same block as the bridal shop. The taste sucks big time! All because there is no queue and my guy suggested having that! F U! Make me want to puke early in the morning. So I left it unfinished. Yucky! Or probably I'm too nervous about the shoot and so no appetite? My guy himself finds it yucky too! F U!!!! 

The shop opens at 11am and we are damn early so waited outside while my guy puff away. So I took a selfie. Because I want to see the difference later on after make-up. Before and after. So bear with me when you see the hideous me.

Dear Pimple, why must you come out at such a good timing when I need a flawless face for my shoot? Okay I don't actually have a flawless face but at least DON'T POP A PIMPLE LAH! I know I'm prone to pimples from young but find the RIGHT TIME PLEASE! Okay... again probably because I just finished my menses just a day or two. So fast POP OUT MEH? Usually take at least a week or 2 after the last day. Superb idiot! 

So we went in and started my make-up. Took about 1 hour and my guy must be bored to death. The first outfit I wore was traditional Kua. I took selfies and also asked my guy to take a full body shoot of me!

Then my 2nd outfit was a red gown but never took any selfie. My guy likes that because looks like a red packet a.k.a Ang Bao and superb auspicious to Chinese. Huat ar! The make-up artist did a hair extension for me. Quite fun huh!

The 3rd one was a purple gown. I wonder why I choose that. 

What's that face yo? I feel ugly with this selfie. Look like auntie. FML! And that's my groom at the back. I asked him to bring along two long-sleeves shirts to match his suit and lucky he did. I think he looks nice with that black and grey suit.

And the last outfit of course is the white gown. A mermaid style kind of gown which is the first one me and my guy nod our head at our fitting day. 

Ya lah. Told you right I can't smile. I post on my FB and his friend commented that I should smile nicely. Excuse me! I don't know how to smile what you want me to do? You want me smile can. I will look hilarious and like a SIAO CHAR BOR! Wahahahahah... I think the photographer cannot stand me. Because the whole day from 11am to 4+ near 5, he must have 'puke lots of blood'. So funny through out the process. 

Oh dear. That makes me even more worry about the turn-out. Sighz...

From the spontaneous me to a tired me at the end of the shoot, the make-up artist can feel it from my looks and talking. 

I think 5 years back when me and my guy took a couple shoot at another shop, is not that tiring. Probably because it is quite simple and short hours. The wedding shoot took us hours with changing of 4 outfits and have to style different hairdos for me. 

Hopefully I get to see the photos before I fly off for my pre-honeymoon. I really don't wish for any delays. Pray hard! I need those albums by end April. 

I'm looking for some lifestyle couple shoot. Just need a good photographer for few hours. Drop me a mail at for further discussion. Not that I don't want outdoor shoot but imagine wearing a heavy gown, taking shoots under a hot sun, I really can't stand it. But if it is that kind of informal ones, I don't mind.

If possible, I'll be looking forward to a graduation shoot with my friend too. Also informal type. 

Thank you. Bye!