Food Review | Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge 长城粥品中心

Probably I will conclude that my favourite places for nice, hot piping porridge will be at Lavendar Food Centre and Chinatown Point (restaurants not included). But heard from a friend that Lavendar Food Centre is gonna close for good. I'm not very sure about that so probably you wanna find out more. For me, if it is true, I will make a trip down for the food there before is gone for good. You won't know where the stalls will head to. 

So just last night, I was there at Chinatown for doing some matters and then head to Tiong Shian for their porridge. Been there for their porridge many a times. It is always so packed with people at any hours. One thing I don't like is sometimes they missed our order! *roll eyes* Ya... Business very good. Hire so many people. Please be more organised okay? We pay for your food. And that's what keeps your business going.

We ordered their Gong Bao Claypot Frog Porridge, Fried intestines, Braised beancurd and Fried fritters. They have wide varieties of porridges to choose from. And their sides include the raw fish too. Very popular so must try if you are there. 

Their fried fritters are pathetically little. First of all, I don't mind paying for it but the portion that they give is totally not worth the money. And the crispiness is not there. So sad. Okay lah. I suppose they order from supplier and that is why not very fresh. Or probably they order pre-made ones and fried in their stall. Can't be mah. Should be nice and fresh. Or they left it outside too long le? You know I rely on that to finish a bowl of plain porridge at home. Whatever. Next!

So we are served with 2 claypots of frog legs, all in dark sauces. So superb yummy looking. Along with 4 bowls of porridge. Simply can't wait to pour over it with the dark sauce of frog legs. Super tasty and appetizing. When I have this, I actually can forgo the fried fritters. Wahahahahahah.... Idiot me!

Basically their porridge is their main cast. Of course right? Just by having it this way is good too. Just that the sauces help to enhance the taste. I especially like those thick and sticky type of porridge. Those like Teochew muay is really damn plain tasteless. Unless I'm sick or my mum cooked, I'm not going for that!

Oh by the way. Their fried intestines are good! Awesome. Crispy and crunchy. So obvious from the moment you bite. The crunchy sound coming from your mouth. Must order! The fried fritters is not a must but you can order if you want. The braised bean curd is also a must! Silky and tender. If you find the sauce for the bean curd is not enough, pour the sauce from your claypot frog legs like me! Yummy. I like the whole bowl of my porridge to be blend in with dark sauce. Awesome! 

Eh... Pepper. We always (not all the people) have this habit of putting some pepper over our porridge because it makes it tastes better. But I don't find it necessary here (like the fried fritters, you see above the bowl of fried fritters. Enough meh? Certainly not!!). This is good enough. Maybe sometimes it depends on what I have for my meal to determine whether I need a light or heavy taste. So I can't say I'm a light or heavy taste person. I can be both. Unlike my guy, he is a heavy taste person. 

That's all. Find myself quite hardworking these days to blog. Do it when I'm free. If not when busy, I can't find time to blog and lose all my readers. I admit I can't write fantastically but then I use my Singaporean Singlish to write can or not? That's superb me. Bye!