Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone from wherever you are... Instead of using mainstream greetings I always receive, I did this on my own way. Exclusively from me. I mean you can actually think of a creative way to do your very own greetings. I did so since 2013 Christmas.

Few days back b4 LNYE, I went Holland Village to do some banking stuff and had lunch at Old Chang Kee that is located at MRT station. Well it is just like Raffles Exchange or Dhoby Ghaut Exchange. There are shops like nail parlour, Mr Bean, Delifrance and etc. OCK has seats for patrons to enjoy their skewers and also they have a so-called bento menu cater for lunch takers (I guess). And you can enjoy some bubble tea too.

Iced Black Tea

Ebi Curry Rice
I love Ebi Tempura so is obvious for my choice. The curry is spicy and ebi is good. But I keep wondering why they put Achar on the rice. Weird combi to me actually. Anyway a mediocre taste. I always prefer the curry and ebi tempura to be separated. Because some people (like me) may want to have it as it is and mix the curry with rice. Here, they pour the curry over the ebi. A little disappointed actually. 

And so everyone! What have you been doing since Lunar New Year's Eve? Last min shopping for clothes and goodies? Preparing for reunion dinner? Yes... I guess this is what I can see when I was in town on LNYE. Half day work that day and went Orchard with my girlfriend. Supposed to go collect stuff but last minute change. So that short afternoon, we had our mini food trail. Sinful. Imagine we are heading back for reunion dinner after that.

We went around to shop for her NY clothes. Go around ION but in vain. Guess where she found her clothes? Mango counter inside Isetan at Wisma Atria. She bought 2 tops and I bought a tote bag. Nuff say.

Our mini food trail start with this:

I called it Japanese Fried Noodles. I heard that the noodles is called yakisoba but basically to me, it is just like our yellow mee. They pan-fried the noodles with ingredients like pork belly and veggie (I think is cabbage). Then top with fried omelette with mayo and Japanese sauce. I love this a lot and the first time I had this was at Takashimaya food hall. When noodles mix with egg and sauce, it enhances the taste of noodles with sweetness that comes from the sauce. Actually the noodles itself already tastes good (from its seasoning/condiments used). But if you have strong taste, the Japanese sauce helps. This tiny kiosk space at Ion Food Hall Basement 4 also sells Takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan and you can choose from their different flavours. Typically you can find it elsewhere and the main 3 flavours are octupus, hams and prawns. Top with Japanese onions. 

Next is Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria. Located at level 2, you get to enjoy their varieties of bread, cake and sandwiches plus have a nice cup of coffee or tea to go along with it. Oh... actually I came for their puddings. They have Original, Strawberry and Mango flavours. Let me spam the photos NOW!

Royal Puddings
Sweet Bacon Roll

This is what we had! Shared. Sharing the fats!

And we cam-whore too. Spam a few alright? I superb not scare of my ugliness now! Wahahahahhaha....

Took a pic for her with the oranges behind as the background. Wahahahaha... Adds a little colour to this pic. 大过年的穿什么黑衣嘛 (LNY wear what black sia). I know is nothing now that many youngster are wearing black on LNY but then, Singapore is already so gloomy so why not just wear something bright to brighten up your day? Right? lolx

So head back home after that for reunion dinner. While waiting, was watching movie on tv and half asleep on the sofa. Damn it! Why so sleepy? 

And so this is our humble steamboat reunion dinner at home for 4 person. More than enough. We still have leftover ingredients which was kept after dinner for the following day's meal. And that would be LNY Day 1. Seriously, my favourite steamboat ingredients are quail eggs and fishball! Very superficial right? Eating like a kid right? But too bad. That's me. I always get my mum to buy that for sure. Woohoo.... 

Once again, let me wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. Gallop your way to good fortune and happiness.