CNY Festive Mood!

Well... why am I so hardworking to blog about my CNY 2014 is because it is my last CNY as a single lady receiving red packets! So I just have to pen down. So sad! Okay lah. Although the red packets received are incomparable with what I get by working, it means a lot to me. What I plan to do with the red packets is: GIVE HALF OF IT BACK TO MY MUM! Yes... after CNY (which is next Fri) I shall open up all the red packets and give her half. Or maybe more. Have to see how much I receive. Hee... Good idea right? I did so for last year. Not much but at least some to recoup back her damage during CNY. Wahahahah....

DAY 1's Collection
DAY 3's Collection (Accumulated)
Got difference right? Probably by next Fri (last day of CNY), I shall see how much more. Aiya confirm not much. So don't need think too much.

Anyway over the last 3 days, went visiting and also relatives coming over to our house. That's pretty good because seldom did my house got once shot 2-3 families coming over. 

On the 1st day, we head out to our uncle's house (maternal side) first rather than the usual (paternal side). All because my mum wants to meet up with my 2nd uncle (because always miss them during CNY). There is so unexplained misunderstanding, probably 10 yrs back between my mum and my uncle's wife. Whatever! All started from my mum. I witness the quarrel. Lucky my auntie has no prejudice towards me and my bro and father. Only my mum! *roll eyes* Anyway I brought my DSLR out on the 1st day and took some shots of the vicinity of my uncle's place.

At Chin Swee (view from Level 7)
And then after that we hop back to Taman Ho Swee, my uncle's hse (paternal side). Just nice my youngest uncle and his family are there. If not, is always us there first and they come later.

At Taman Ho Swee (view from Level 9)
Corridor outside my Uncle's hse
My uncle's hse is actually where I lived when I was very young. Actually is my grandparents' hse to be precise. And my parents actually rent a room at the opposite block since my birth before shifting to Jurong. So this hse has not change since and has got the oldest windows, doors, gate and many more. Back then, both my parents are working so my grandparents took care of me (my bro was not born yet).

Mitsubishi fridge
My dad said this fridge has been here since the year I was born (back in 1981) and so me and this fridge shared the same age. Vintage. Oh... and the telephone too. Shit! Forget to take pictures. Whatever it is, my uncle's hse is the best place to find old/vintage stuff. 

And as we have lots of time before heading to our last stop which is my auntie's hse (paternal side), we went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum to see the a wide range of stamps. And because is the year of Horse, they also showcase the history and development of horses from early years to present.

To look at more of the history on our postage thingy, you can head down to Singapore Philatelic Museum at 23-B Coleman Street and the nearest MRT stations will be either City Hall, Clarke Quay or Bras Basah stations (walking distance). A building away from Registry of Marriage.

And so after that, we took a bus down to my aunt's place. Waited for my bro at Kallang station before walking there together. 

At Upper Boon Keng Road (view from Level 13)

Singapore Flyer from far

And that's is the end of my 1st day of CNY. At night, my youngest uncle and his family came to our house and also another uncle (my grandfather's sister's son) too. Superb at the right time. So my hse was rather noisy. Busy talking to my cousins about the cat advantage. Wahahahahah... Long story. And whenever they come to my house, they are entertained by my tortoise. 

My name is Big Baby. I'm with my owner for almost 14 years.
Finally got to show you guys what I have at home for CNY goodies. Very boring right this post with no food. Not very me but sometimes you just gotta see other stuff than just food. Saw the seaweed crackers or not? I did that!!! You can find it in my previous post on my goodies making for 2014 here

2nd day of CNY was some resting before heading out in the afternoon. My cousin and his family came over to our house in the late morning. Also entertained by my tortoise.

Then afternoon, all of us head out on different routes. All gone for visiting. Zzzzz... Boring. I head to my guy's place as usual. Our dinner is MEE REBUS! Can see from my Instagram too. 

No lah. I know you peeps find it silly. But I just want to show how silly I am to show such silly stuff and that is to tell you peeps the 3 steps you need to have a savoury mee rebus. Wahahahaha.... 

And on 3rd day of CNY, me and my guy went for our usual running routine. I superb lazy to run nowadays. I don't know why. But then I still run of course. Our breakfast was Mcdonald's Sunrise roll (Chicken Ham and Sausage). The portion is kind of small for my guy and he thinks is not worth the money $$$! Oh... he doesn't like fastfood either. Haiz... But too bad because it is just 3rd day of CNY and not many stalls are opened. So just had Mcdonald's.

Afternoon, we had a mini bbq at his house. 

Didn't had any rice and just had lotsa mushrooms! There are beef, chicken and fish meat too. Marvellous. 

Den in the evening, we head out to his colleague's house for gathering. And is food again.

Cream Puffs
Fried Chicken
Cakes from Swiss Bake
What is CNY w/o gambling?
Food and more food
Sorry for the lack of food pictures. Bored or not? I hope you still can tahan. But then I come to the end of the post liao. *giggles* 

This Saturday is so-called a Parents Meeting Session of my parents and my guy's at my house. Gosh... I don't know what crap will my parents talk to his mum and eldest sister. Whatever! I share bear with it and scold them after they leave, if they talk nonsense. Aiya to me, they always like to talk nonsense. Esp my dad who thinks he knows lots of stuff. *puke* And my mum who never use her brain to think, like no EQ. *shake head* Yes... I'm superb bad but this is my parents. They are like that. Superb old-fashioned. However, I'm good enough to be at least filial towards them. If not, I will heck care all the way! *kena thunder strike* But I never. I'm good. Just that they like to use their 33 years ago concept to apply in this Millennium which is superb outdated. I can understand that some Chinese traditions remain even till now. But for our wedding, I did what I can to fulfill their old thinking. They should not ask for more. Because we are paying. *flip hair* Ya lah... I know you peeps will think I superb bad to my parents. But then they know I'm good in my own way will do. I don't need judgmental people to tell me off! Don't like it, exit from my blog immediately.

Now I just hope that every thing like house reno and wedding will be over soon. 

Again, Happy Lunar New Year everyone!