The usual gathering

Probably you get sick and tired of my post on steamboat. Like I'm having steamboat every now and then. Seriously. Let me tell you how many of my post is on steamboat (be it any occasions/location/purposes/styles):

Okay lah. Seriously some are food reviews and some are gatherings. Whatever! So long there is a pot with water is considered steamboat, regardless whether is big or small or bowl or WHATEVER!

So are you ready for another short post of my steamboat gathering? Are you? Or you cannot tahan? Cannot, I'm sorry you can just exit from this blog. If you can, let me SPAM all the photos! Woohoo!!!

The usual gang, usual place, usual steamboat.

Looking down from Level 37. Awesome view. Superb windy esp when you stay that high up. That gush of wind can actually blow things away (kidding. just probably a tissue paper box dropping on the floor).

With this kind of wind blowing on you, it will be nice to have steamboat right? Okay. We actually plan to meet up for steamboat during the Lunar New Year period but unfortunately one of them is away from Singapore so guess what? The steamboat gathering is planned one day after the last day of LNY, which is after Valentine's Day! *roll eyes*

What all of us are looking forward to is the duck blood 鸭血 fly over from China by one of our friend's in-law. Awesome okay? It is not selling in Singapore anymore because of hygiene purpose and probably I come across duck or pig blood when I travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Duck Blood 鸭血
Taadaa!!! This is the long-awaited duck blood. All of us could not resist it! I guess those living in China had this till is so uncommon and won't want any when they are overseas. Unlike us, we are like gluttons. Gluttons over this. Let me do my planning and fly to Taiwan again for this. Or probably Hong Kong since I have not been there for quite some time.

So this is what our friend prepared for the steamboat. He did his very own sauce for dipping. We didn't had any rice (superb unnecessary) and this is enough to stuff us all up! Marvellous soup base he had there. #foodcoma 

Oops... His wifey's birthday bouquet from probably colleagues. Nice right? Tell me about it. Which is more durable? Flowers or bears? OF COURSE Bears lah.

And so the eating cum chatting continues throughout the night till midnight when we decided it is time to go home.

The fishball is for me!!! They know I superb juvenile when it comes to steamboat ingredients. Fishball and quail eggs are enough to satisfy me. Seriously. My guy will slap me if this is some paid steamboat buffet. 

A little messy here and there because is in the midst of it. The food is boiling! See sausages and crabsticks. Tell me why I love this superb convenience way of settling a meal. I promise that I will get a steamboat for my new house. Or any sponsor? Cheap only right? You see my friend bought Mistral brand. Less than $100 should be able to get. Come come! I'm a superb steamboat enthusiast at home so surely sales go up! Sponsorship, email me at for further discussion.

A good bottle of Japanese sake that is finished up that night. These 3 guys are mad! Mad mad mad! They cannot stop drinking. They have been drinking since donkey years ago when they knew each other. Beers or liquor or wine, name it. They can do it. I simply knew that they can be the ambassadors for the all the brands. But what is steamboat without alcohol right? But I didn't drink any. I just had my nice cold Fanta Orange that is finished up by me that night (3/4 of it is inside me). 

Let me tell you the essence of the steamboat soup base after many hours. Okay here in this peekture, it looks kind of dry up but actually it is not. And you should know by now that the soup base is further enhance over hours of boiling and adding of different ingredients. Each ingredient plays a very big role in making this pot of soup superb tasty without adding any more condiments or Ajinomoto. And when the soup has finished its job in making itself tastier, we add in noodles to it. Yes... I asked for instant noodles from our friend to add to this soup base. It is going to be superb awesome. Why I prefer instant noodles (or yellow mee) for this is because the absorption level is superb POWER! The noodles can easily absorb the soup taste. 

You tell me. In this way, you need those seasoning pack provided for the instant noodles or not? Absolutely don't need. This is as good as those. 

Or probably you want to try putting mee sua which our friend likes it so much. 

I tried putting Udon previously for LNY reunion dinner with my family but failed to satisfy my taste bud. The taste is not enough to WOW me. But surprisingly it WOW me elsewhere when I have a typical bowl of Udon. 

Probably Tang Hoon can do the job too, though I seldom have them.

Then we eat, talk, until nothing to eat, we snack on the nuts. All the way till the wine in his house is finished! Crazy. Lucky all never drive so can drink till heart content.

That's all. Probably you will get to see steamboat post again. After I shift in to my new house I guess. I can't wait! I'm more excited about my new house than wedding. WTF!