Food Hunt at NUH Medical Centre

Okay... I know normally you won't make your way down to hospital *touch wood* and nobody wants to step in hospital but hey... don't think that way! If you are working nearby and have lack of choices for your lunch, why not go down to the new NUH Medical Centre? Their F&B and Retail areas are growing. Explore for more choices.

It is very convenience as the entrance to NUH Medical Centre is just at Kent Ridge MRT station (Circle Line). The first shop that welcomes you at the entrance will be Uniqlo and the aroma from the bakery. 

At Level 1, you can find Don-Your Personal Pie Club. (CLOSED)

Credit: Don - Your Personal Pie Club
I think I did not do any review on their pies but certainly submit one at +OpenRice Singapore and my advice is to share with your lunch partner, even if it seems like a 'small' pie to you.

Just beside Don is the newly opened QQ Rice - The Rice Magician. At Level 1 too.

Credit: QQ Rice
Basically they have opening promotions going on now and is always long queue so I never go for that. However, I have already try their rice and snack rolls before, bought at their outlets at Woodlands MRT and Novena Square (or is it Square 2, can't remember). I have tried their snack rolls like Smoked Duck, Emperor Veg and Gua Zai Meat. Nice and tasty. Don't miss it! Definitely a good buy and taste for a healthier you. 

Also at the same level, you can find Penang Street too. Split into 2 dining areas. (CLOSED)

Credit: Penang Street
Just days back, I went for lunch and tried their Hokkien Prawn Mee Soup. Awesome!

'What makes a prawn mee good in taste is the soup base. The soup is sweet and tasty. It seems like they used up many prawn heads to boil the pot of nice prawn soup. And you can find peeled prawns that are quite fresh, sliced hard-boiled egg, vegetables and fishcake, top with fried garlic. The vermicelli and yellow mee actually soak up the soup taste and it just perfect in overall.' - My review on Openrice Singapore

I shall be back for their Signature Nasi Lemak and Char Koay Teow!

Just beside Penang Street is Subway and Umi Sushi. Quite mainstream right? But at least if you have the craving for sandwiches or sushi, they are there for you. And Umi Sushi (CLOSED) has a small dining area cater for dine-in customers. They have bento sets and udon sets too. 

Curry Chicken Udon
Okay lah. Quite mediocre taste but at least it is still pleasing to your taste bud. Now I'm so into Udon than Ramen. Love!

And then, next to Umi Sushi is Ya Kun Kaya Toast (CLOSED). Awesome! For your tea break, best place to hang out. I have yet to have lunch there because as usual, long queue. But definitely must try because they serve local food like nasi lemak, chicken curry, kaya balls and many more. So competitive huh (with Toast Box).

Credit: Ya Kun
Beside them is Prima Deli (CLOSED). A small space for their breads, cakes and waffles. What's more do you ask for? Wanna buy cakes for birthday celebration? Here you have it.

Credit: Prima Deli
Again, beside them (okay seriously, is one big round of food outlets) is Munch Saladsmith & Rotisserie (CLOSED). 

Credit: Munch
To be honest, I find it quite pricey but food was good (tried once for this rosti and sausage). 

You can have their rosti, sausage, salad or any combi you want. Just like you customise on your own. Not nice is your problem. Wahahaha.... because you choose it your own. Oh... they serve breakfast too. So try it!

Thirsty after your food? Have nice bubble tea at Sharetea (beside Munch again).

Sorry to say but I'm always there for just their Black Tea and nothing interest me. Yes! I'm a Red/Black Tea lover ever since I had my every first dose at Kaoshiung.

So that's about it for Level 1. You can find bakery and also snack shop selling mochi and Hokkaido chiffon cakes. Just opposite +Uniqlo. There is a Cheers too. 

At Level 2, you can find Thai Express (CLOSED) and Xin Wang. Anyway they are under the same group.

Credit: Thai Express
I have just satisfy my craving for Phad Thai Seafood Talay yesterday since there is no queue when I'm there (but after that queue starts forming).

Credit: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
They have many outlets around the island so no worries if you don't get to have their food here. Plenty for you to dine in at.

At Level 3, you can find Burger King and Starbucks and 7-11.

Credit: Burger King Singapore
Frankly speaking for now, the only 2 sides that I will get from BK is onion rings and potato wedges. Yummy till max!

Credit: Starbucks Singapore
Say real one. I went there once just to buy their mugs. Because is not available at the Medicine School outlet which I always patronise. Oh ya hor... I haven't take a look at their pricing. If is public price, I will choose to go back to NUS Medicine School that outlet because is discounted price for NUS.

I can't remember where Delifrance is (Level 3 or 4) because is hiding at one corner. 

At Level 4, there is this restaurant named Seasonal? I'm not really sure because it is way up and not much shops at that level. Mostly I will hang around Level 1 and 2 or sometimes Level 3 if I want to have Burger King for lunch.

Well... that's all for this post. Visit that place if you are not skeptical. Anyway you won't see the hospital or whatever! All it appears to you is like a mini retail mall. 

Upcoming! There is a crepe shop on the way! Quite looking forward to it.